Wooden Letters

A couple of months ago, we did THIS

for a super Saturday craft project day.
We ordered all of our wooden letters through
located in Utah. They have about
5 different fonts to choose from!
All of the letters come unfinished.

wooden letters
scrapbook paper
spray paint
mod podge
distress ink
So, to start the project, spray paint all of your letters on the edges and the backs. Turn the letters upside down and trace around the wood letter on the BACK of your scrapbook paper. This just helps so you don't have pencil lines on the fronts. Cut your paper letters out and mod podge them to your wooden letter.

You don't even have to be very careful when cutting the letters out, because you can really just sand off the extra hangover pieces. Use sandpaper to distress around the edges.
The "a" is adorable because the middle comes out!
The "i" comes on a metal post that makes the dot-swirl stand up.

Use your sandpaper and distress ink to make the letters look the way you love them.
I added a little more mod podge
at the end, just to finish it off!
You can never have TOO much mod podge!
I have purchased other letters to make last names for friends from The Wood Connection. Their customer service is great and their shipping is fast! The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can spell!


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