Sunday Spotlight

I recently discovered this awesome blog from another awesome blog.
This is Elsa Mora. 

Her work is about human nature, about the way we are and the way we interact with each other, with ourselves and with the rest of the world. She is amazing! She enjoys working in different media like painting, ceramic, drawing, photography, and installation illustration. She recently discovered the magic of paper cutting. She has a blog within her main blog dedicated just to the art of paper cuts.

She has a book out called Blossom Buddies.
 It's available on Amazon and I might just have to get one for myself!

Here are some of her masterpieces
 made only from plants and flower petals!

Just look at the details! Amazing!

Aren't these the sweetest things ever!

Look at these skirts!

I love the hair.

This is just a sample of what you will find over on her blog and in her book!
Visit her blog or go to her ETSY store.
...and have a wonderful Sunday! xoxo


LambAround said...

These are so cute! I'd love to see a children's book with a little story and photos like these. Thanks for the link :)

Sandy Ang said...

Wow, these are amazing !
And Marni love your blog's new look. Can't wait to link up my next Halloween project.