Sassy Sunday Spotlight!

I would like to introduce you to
Rebecca is going to tell us a little bit about herself
and I will add in a few things here and there too! :)

My name is Rebecca Cooper and I am a SAHM of four (Emily 7, Carson 5, Addie 2 and Alivia 9 months) and wife to my wonderful husband Randal. I'm an avid scrapbooker and a professional photographer. We're from Canada but are living on the Caribbean Island of St. Eustatius for the time being and are loving our new tropical home.

My blog is called SIMPLE AS THAT and I'm so excited to show you around my little home on the web. So sit back and enjoy a quick tour of some of my favorite blog posts through the years.

I like to take photos -
I share lots of photos on my blog along with quick
photography tips and tutorials.

Adding background and textures to pictures
see the wallpaper?... it wasn't even in the original picture!

...and this one!
Like the diaper cover and flower hat?
...visit her Shabby Lane Boutique
 check out this monthly page!
1. my big boy helper 2. canada day 3. a fun afternoon at the spray park in Claresholm 4. alivia with grandma 5. popsicles from leftover pina colada smoothies 6. busy, busy baby 7. addie - tude 8. swimming at great grandma's 9. all packed and moved out of our cute house (sniff, sniff) 10. cute sisters 11. wagon rides at grandpa's farm 12. sun times at the lake

I LOVE this idea!!
All your pictures in one place!

I like to make stuff -
every once in a while I get crafty and
 like to share what I make on my blog.
 Quilting, scrapbooking, kids crafts, etc.
Check out her blog for a complete look at
EACH of these adorable Christmas crafts.

I really like food -
I love to share some of our favorite family recipes
go to her blog to get the recipe for THIS
and lots of other yummy things...
like Christmas Goodies!

More stuff I like -
every Friday I feature some of my
favorite things in a FRIDAY FAVORITES blog post.
Favorite things for baby, favorite Halloween
 ideas, favorite books and lots more.

Favorite things for baby!

Halloween favorites
...and some favorite summer reads!

Speaking of books...
Check out these books that Rebecca has written!

It has been so much fun getting to know Rebecca and her talents!! She has LOTS of them! Thanks to you, Rebecca, for being our SASSY Sunday Spotlight!!

xoxo -Marni

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