Trash to Treasure TUESDAY!

Welcome back to our
 trash to treasure party!
What have you been transforming? We want to see it!


There's only one rule!
Link us to your specific
 trash to treasure post...

Let's Party!


Suzy @ Joy Is At Home said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I am still new @ blogging & I haven't gotten all these parties organized yet! lol Thanks for hosting the party!

Nancy said...

Hi Marni!

Thank you for inviting over to link up. I already see several posts that look amazing!

Have a blessed week,


Leanne said...

Thanks for hosting. Have a great week.

katskraps4kids said...

Thanks for the invite to your party and your comment. I think I linked up correctly. I love to see all the thumbnails with projects- so many! I am in a habit of looking at every single one I haven't seen before and many of these look new to me so I'll be on here awhile... Thx again for the invite! =0)

Tina@SignificantHarmony said...

Thank you for the invite to the linky party! I am still new at blogging and definitely don't know all the great spots to link to (like this one)! Thanks again!