The Table is Set!

When you think of Thanksgiving, what's the first word that comes to your mind? Okay, well besides "thankful". So, what's the second word? food! bake! feast! cook! My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the consumption of yummy food! I look forward to it all year. I thought that since FOOD is such a huge part of the day, I wanted to feature it's best friend... the table setting!

First things, first!
The "proper" way to set your table...
I'm trying to remember if my table has
EVER looked like this??


something like this...
nope, my table has never looked like this! haha!!!

I LOVE the pumpkin candle holder!
Rachael Ray

I love that each place setting is marked by their initial!
A Stirring Life

Each decorative wheat stalk is homemade!

Prairie Paper and Ink

I love the colors she used!
Lauren M.

I love the neutral plates and linens
... and look at this gorgeous centerpiece!
Martha Stewart (of course) :)

I love simple and gorgeous!

Style Hive

I love the leaf napkin decorations.
Parmer's Furniture

I love those turkey plates!
Simplified Bee

Link up your
 table settings


{ L } said...

This is such a fabulous idea for a link party! I'm excited to see the tables. Thank you. :)

aimee @ paging supermom said...

Love your collection of ideas!! (Not to mention I needed the reminder on the propper way to set a table.) With just a few days left before Thanksgiving, your ideas are greatly appreciated!! Thanks!