The Basics of Tossing!

"...disorganization and clutter are
among the biggest causes of stress!"


*The following article is from Frugal Living.
(this article makes me SMILE!)

At times, all of us spend money on items that we don't end up using. Most of us spend a lot of money on these things. For some of us, it is exercise equipment; for others it might be clothes, toys, kitchen gadgets or tools. We keep them because we would feel guilty if we got rid of them. "I mean, Do you know how much that is worth?" or "What if I get rid of it only to discover that I need it?"

Why are you punishing yourself by keeping something that is cluttering your life? Stress is one of the biggest problems that Americans face today and disorganization and clutter are among the biggest causes of stress. If you bought something you don't use, face it. You made a mistake. Don't make an even bigger one by keeping it. Get rid of it and move on. Donate it to someone who can use it and relieve you and your family of the stress of living with it. Learn from your mistakes and try to evaluate better whether you actually need something before you spend money.

1.Do you have more than one of some utility item? Keep your favorite or best one and toss the rest. Many people keep four potato peelers, three strainers and five 9x13 pans. If this is you, do you often prepare meals for 50 or more people? No? Toss it!

2.Food stuff - Wow, food is a big one. I think it's because we think of all those starving people in some third world country. If you don't need it (unless you are ready to box it up and send it to them), toss it. If there are bugs on food items, if cans are swollen, or if items are past the expiration dates, then toss them. Staring at them every time you open the pantry isn't going to cure botulism. (Did she say bugs? Yech!!) If you have more items then your family can eat in a year then use them before you buy more or donate them to a food bank. If you want to use it, but didn't realize you have 17 cans of beets and 12 cans of pie filling, you need a better pantry organization system.

3.Are you really ever going to make that craft or sewing project? Toss it.

4.Why save 25 empty mayo jars when you only use two a year?

5.If you are saving a magazine that is dated from the last millennium or even last year and haven't read it do you honestly think you're going to ever read it? Those hair styles aren't popular anymore and not many people even remember Commodore 64 computers.

6.The same goes for newspapers. If you didn't get yesterday's paper read, what makes you think you are going to read last week's? Time marches on and collecting newspapers can get you in hot water with the fire marshall.

7.Why are you keeping it if it is torn, stained, too small or outdated? Get rid of it. The moth balls just make your house smell funny.

8.How many Tshirts can you wear in a week? Why do you have 30 stuffed in your closet? How about pants, dresses, and pajamas?

9.Do I really need 5 pairs of brown loafers? Enough said.

10.Do your children play with the same half dozen favorite toys every day while the rest lay buried in the toy chest? Why are you saving the rest? Toss them! (But not in front of the kids. They will never consent to giving up anything!) If there are things they don't play with but you think they still like, put them in a box for a few months and trade them out with some of the other stuff when they get bored with what they have. Don't be a pack rat. If you have 12 boxes like this, keep tossing.

11.Do you really think that when your son is 35 years old, he will get a thrill out of looking at every school paper he ever did, especially the ones where he wrote the letter "D" a hundred and one times? Keep the highlights if you like, but if it takes more than a small box, keep tossing. _______________________

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Anonymous said...

Terrific advise for all.

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

Thanks! this is wonderful! I need to go through my closet again... and my pantry... and... well, you get the point =) hehe

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Catherine said...

I need to tattoo this article on my arm. ;)

I have serious emotional issues with getting rid of things. I laugh sometimes (and other times cry) because half of me is my minimalist father and the other half is my packrat mom. Constant internal conflict.

Thanks for sharing!

Shay said...

Love this! So great! Off to toss something!

Dawn said...

Here's a tip for kids drawings and school papers. I let my kids pick out 5 of their favorites every week. I take a picture of them, and then load onto the computer and add to a R/RW CD that has their name and year on it. When it's full, or the school year is done, I put the disc away in their memory boxes. This eliminates my daughter's drawers full of paper, and my son's under bed shoving of papers. And one day, they can look back and see how smart and what wonderful artists they were as kids...:)

steufel said...

This is sooo cool and so right. Heading over to the magazines now...

Unknown said...

Great tips!! :) It's hard to toss... but I need to get in a better habit of purging!

live and luv said...

You said IT! Now if only I can LIVE by it : )

Jill said...

Most of it I agree with...but I'd have a hard time parting with some of my craft stash!!

Kim said...

Thanks for the great article! RE those un-finished craft projects; I decided to make it a goal to finish them and either use them or pass them on before I buy any more fabric or items for new projects. It has worked out really great! You can find my projects by searching for "Prepaid Projects" on my blog at www.sillyjacob.blogspot.com