LoTs Of HaPpY ThInGs!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy tO mY
little bIg GuY!

he's fIvE today!
(Oh YEAH! See that adorable shirt he's wearing? My sister made it for Logan to wear at his birthday party yesterday! I am HOPING she will do a tutorial for us... *wink*)  Logan is such a joy to our family!  He makes us laugh everyday! He starts kindergarten next year, and my heart will be going with him! *tear*

...and now for the WINNERS of the LABELS!
I'm super duper excited for this.... Okay, we had 69 comments! I'm sooo glad that Random.Org chose for me, because I could have never picked the winners myself! All of your comments were amazing!

The first winner is #16 Kayleigh S. who said: Shared on my blog and facebook . http://www.searleshenanigans.blogspot.com 12/1/11 8:10 AM

Our second winner is #32Josh and Melissa who said: I would use them with all of our toys! I have found buckets for them, but no labels yet! 12/1/11 12:49 PM

and the third winner is #43Dar who said: I would sooo love to win this! I would use them to label my photo albums by year...so all mine would be numbers! If numbers are available. A project I would love to complete!  12/1/11 4:53 PM

...and I decided to throw in one more winner!  our lucky fourth winner is #52 The Cragun's who said: Oh I so need to win this. I was just thinking today, I really need some lettering to label my kitchen flour, I have all purpose flour, bread flour, sugar and so on.... Oh how I would love to win and finally fix up and organize my kitchen the way I would like to 12/1/11 10:05 PM

Okay, so one of the comments really touched my heart and I would love to be a part of a good cause!  So, our bonus winner is Laura Reid who said: i help people with disabilities and i would label all of our craft things... so cute!  12/1/11 5:50 PM

If you won, please contact me at sassy.sites@hotmail.com!
Thanks so everyone who commented!  There will be MANY MORE giveaways in the near future, I promise!  If you didn't win and you would like to order your own vinyl labels, contact me at choosethewriting@hotmail.com and I will get you hooked up!

...and speaking of vinyl!
I'm over at The Girl Creative today.
I am doing a $50 vinyl gift card giveaway.
So, head on over there and check it out!

The Girl Creative



Jenni said...

happy birthday to that handsome little guy and congrats to the winners!

Shay said...

Hope he had a terrrrrrrrrrrific day! (is that what dinos say?) HAHA! Love that boy!