i {LOVE} the mailman!

 I had not one, but two invitations waiting for me in my mailbox today! And not just invitations... they are A.DOR.ABLE invitations!!! I wanted to share them with you! The first one is made by my sister, for my nieces baptism tomorrow! (yeah, I got the invite today... that's how we roll!) It's an adorable baptism dress cut out (hand cut).
 The bottom is tulle with beaded ribbon and a blingy necklace, of course! :) I love the ruffled bottom too!
The next one is from a friend that I have known for 30 years (or my whole life!) Her daughter is turning 5 years old! She made a darling sewn pocket invite!
I love the cute flower in the corner. She used a raised dot to make the top circle stand out! I LOVE the paper she chose for the backing!!
So, there you have it! It's was a lucky mail day for me!


Natalie said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I'm so glad you got it! I hope that means you'll be able to make it! ( And you HAD to say 30 years???!!! - Yikes. It looks like such a big number all lit up on your blog. HA!! :D ) Miche's invite is unreal! She's so good! I'll have to file that one away for Miss Lillian's birthday in 3 years. YIPES! That's not a very long time! wow... soon it'll be 30 years for her too and THEN WHAT??? oh boy. Okay... I gotta stop thinking about this. haha! Thank's for featuring my invite! It was so fun to make - I'm glad to see that you thought it was cute enough to share. I was worried that I thought it was cuter than it really was. ;)

Natalie said...

OH! And the paper line is "Berry Sweet" by K & Co. I have been wanting it for a long time because it's so cute and it was on sale AT THE GROCERY STORE so I finally bought it for myself. Her entire party is with this pack of paper. I can't wait to share all the papercrafts I'm making for her party! Right now, I'm making the little cupcake decorations. SO FUN! :D

Mizzreviewlady said...

How creative and unique! The dress is adorable!

Julie (Legacy Crafter) said...

Very well done and so creative! Loving it.