Diaper Cake Tutorial

Made By Me Monday!
I was recently featured over at the Baby Daze party at Lil' Luna! I wanted to share my post with you here at Sassy Sites too, just in case you missed it over at the party! :) Thank you Kristyn for inviting me to be a part of this fun BABY DAZE Party! I decided to share a tutorial with you that has been around forever, but it's coming back! Diaper cakes are BIG now and I love 'em!
Supplies Needed:
diapers (size 3, at least 40)
rubber bands (all sizes)
wide ribbon
stick pins
cake stand
flowers and pacifiers for decoration
step one:
wrap all diapers into a rolls and secure with rubber bands, making sure all rubber bands are located at about the same place on each diaper. this will make covering them with the ribbon more successful. ;)
step two:
take four diapers and make a bundle for top tier. wrap with rubber band.
step three:
repeat for remaining tiers.
stack four for top tier; fourteen for middle tier; remainder for bottom tier. top tier is optional.
step four:
measure ribbon to wrap around rubber bands. it must be wide enough to cover all rubber bands.
step five:
use stick pins to secure ribbon into diaper.  pull tight and secure with decorative stick pins (regular pins are fine. you can cover them with the bow later.)
step six:
make a bow
step seven:
choose placement of bow on cake. use a stick pin to put the bow on the cake.  tuck the pin inside the bow/adjust the bow to make sure it looks the way you want it to.
step eight:
trim ribbon ends.
step nine:
stack tiers and decorate with flowers, pacifiers, etc.
Viola! A diaper cake!
Super easy to do! It's an adorable decoration for a baby shower AND it's also a gift!And a BIG thanks to my good friend Natalie for helping me out with this project!!


MaryJo said...

Cute project! I just linked up to your site on my blog.....thanks!

Natalie said...


Shay said...

Love it!

Mizzreviewlady said...

I have always wondered how to make my own! Thanks for the tutorial..seems easy.

Tonii said...

I am here from Tip Junkie and I LOVE your diaper cake!! I have done a few before but I love the idea of using a cake stand...and mine have never quite turned out that cute ;)


Brenda said...

Super Cute! I love the polka dot ribbons!