TUTORIAL Adorable Easter Basket

Made By Me Monday!
 2 pieces of fabric (one for outer layer and one for the lining of the basket), felt (or stuffing), ball fringe or ribbon, measuring tape, sewing machine, sewing pins, scissors
cut ALL 3 pieces of your fabric into 14"X14" squares
(save leftover fabric to make a handle)
fold each piece in half and cut 3 and 1/2" squares off each corner
or you can use one square as a template for each corner
You will need to make your inner "stuffing" to help the basket take shape. I had leftover felt scraps, so I used it! :)
 piece your felt together to make a 14" X 14" square. Cut off corners
 and sew it
all three pieces (outer layer, felt layer, inner layer) are the same
 bring each corner (right sides together) on your outer layer and sew to make a "box"
turn right side out
 place your felt layer (not sewn) inside the "box" and match up the corners
 sew your inner lining the same way as the outer
and place all three layers together and match up the corners
fold and pin outer layer and inner lining, raw edges in
now let's make the handle... use scrap fabric cut 14" X 6"
 place a scrap piece of felt on the inside to make the handle thicker, fold over and sew
 sew your handle together to make a "tube" and then turn right side out
 un-pin your basket where your handle goes, so you can do one stitch through the whole thing at once
sew your handle on and finish sewing around the entire basket
 gather your corners together
 give it one more stitch (at least 1/4" in) to reinforce the sides
 this will help your basket to stand up nicely
 ta-tah! a basket!
to add even a little more cuteness, sew a strip of ball fringe around the entire basket
 that's it! Isn't it adorable! And this was a super easy project....
ready to fill your basket with grass and goodies!
Our original idea came from the basket my mom made all of us kids when we were little. Without unstitching her basket, my sister and I were able to use it as a template and recreate it! Now our kids will have the same Easter baskets that we had!
...pretty close, huh? :)
TOTAL TIME SPENT: under an hour
(I had all the supplies)
Happy Monday!


Lolly Jane said...

uh....how close are you to gilbert? make me 4 & i'll just pay you! lol. sooo cute!!

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Super cute and easy! Lovin' the comparison! I laughed.

Natalie said...

I can't believe you did all that! I may try that out. :)

Leda said...

ok, so i'm a sentimental fool...i love that you have the one your mom made you! very great idea.

abeachcottage said...

Great Easter basket! Love the fabric you used. Great tutorial too! Thanks for sharing.

Jami said...

Great bag! Would be a perfect gift with a gift! I hope you'll stop by the Pretty Packages Party and share them.



Anji* said...

Really cute! Love it, especially the now and then pictures :)