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Let me introduce you to Amy, from
(this girl makes me laugh!!)
 This is what Amy has to say about herself:
 "My name is Amy. I live in a house with my husband Matt, our two kids, Christopher and Hannah, my sister Stacy and our roommate Todd. I am a Jack of All Trades, Master of None. Blogging is the hobby I've stuck with the longest, but mostly because it fills ridiculous needs in my Mommy World. I also really enjoy taking pictures and sewing but I have no dreams of going pro at anything but motherhood. I really like my kids. I have a lots of quirks and probably some issues that could use the help of a professional."
this is Christopher
this is Hannah
These pictures make me SMILE!!
When asked why she blogs, this is what she had to say:
1. I have an awful memory. My high school English/theater/yearbook teacher (think life coach for teenagers) J. Terry said, "If it's not written down it doesn't exist." He was trying to teach us a lesson about the real world but let me tell you, THIS is my real world and if I don't write it down it is as though it never happened.
2. I am lazy. Sure, I could make baby books and keep a journal and hand write a recipe book and scrapbook my pictures but seriously? This is the 21st century and all that work makes my right eye twitch. On my blog I have everything I want to save all in one place.
3. I miss school. Assignments, homework, projects... MAN! On my last day of college I cried. Yes, it was a big day, but it was also the end of a system of life that gave me structure and feedback and grades. Oh, how I miss the grades. Now I blog. I have a plan, assignments that need to be completed. When Asha from Parent Hacks called my Crayon Hack Brilliant it was like getting a sticker on my worksheet. Totally made my day.
4. People that I love live far away. My sister Stacy and my BFF Lisa and the amazing AmyB and a host of other wonderful friends don't get to life life here with me and my fam. My blog lets us keep up.
5. I'm A Frustrated Extrovert. I don't get out as much as I used to. It's difficult to fill my people quotent of the day while trying to be a quality Stay At Home Mom. My blog lets me communicate with the outside world while hollering at my kids in private.
When asked to describe 7 QUIRKY things
 about herself, she said:
1. Sometimes I make silly noises (like blowing raspberries or dum-da-dumming a beat) while I drive. I'm completely unaware of it until I begin to wonder what the strange noise is or why my face is numb.
2. I often finger spell (sign language) what I'm thinking. I'll look down and find my hand in a letter and wonder what I was thinking about that ended in that letter. If you watch my hands you can read the strange things in my head.
3. Smarties are my favorite candy but I have to eat them two at a time. Since a pack of Smarties has 15 little candies I either have to eat two packs or give one piece of candy away. I generally go with eating two packs.
4. I love vacuuming but only when I can make straight lines in the carpet. I have specific ways that I vacuum each room of my house so that all the lines are straight and I cover up my footprints. I don't like to vacuum the family room because it's a Berber carpet that doesn't show vacuum lines.
5. I'm an all-or-nothing perfectionist. Either things are perfect or a mess. If I've cleaned the entire house and put away all the toys I CAN NOT leave one thing in the middle of the floor. If my house is a mess I'll step over that same toy six times before I even think of picking it up.
6. I like to pick my kid's noses. I actually have trouble not doing it if I know they have a lot of crusty boogers up there.
7. I would rather be wearing a t-shirt and flannel pajama pants than anything else in the world. If I'm comfortable (and that is the ultimate in comfort) I can get more house work done, read for longer, have more fun with my kids and have a significantly better day than if I'm wearing "real" clothes.
Flexible Dreams is about KIDS, crafts, photography, holiday treats, parties, recipes, quilting, parenting, and TONS of humor!
flexible dreams
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