Drawing Desk Makeover!

How cute is this??!!!
I found this little beat up ol' desk at the thrift store for a whoppin' 15 bucks!
 When I saw it, I knew I had to have it!
I started by taking it apart, and preparing it for PAINT!
 I (and my cutest helper) painted the entire desk with a greenish paint, distressed it a little with sandpaper, and added some stain in spots to make it look aged.
 I left the inside to him!
The top of the desk got some chalkboard paint (found at Home Depot) added to it for some extra drawing space!
 about 3 coats does the trick!
in the meantime, I found this beauty in my garage... a little bit of black spray paint, and it will be good as new!  A perfect little art stool!
  I thought it would be fun to add some little canisters to the side of the desk to hold crayons and markers. Spaghettios for lunch anyone? 
 we washed out the empty cans and wrapped them in twine, hot gluing along the way
 then, we screwed our cans to the side of our desk
then we filled them up with art supplies! I also found a great little chalk holder that fits perfect on top of the desk!
the top of the desk flips open, so we thought it would be fun to that space as an easel for painting!
I added some clips to hold the paper. Now, when he is done painting, we can close away the mess! He is very proud of the inside of the desk, which he painted all by himself, and I left it that way! :)
 Here's a before and after of the desk!
...and here's the inside!
I am so happy with the way it turned out!!
And most of all, I'm happy because my cute little helper LOVES it too!! He will be able to enjoy this new desk for many more years!! XOXO!!


MariaS said...

I voted for you! Adorable! Thank you for sharing!

Lyndsey said...

I can't believe how cute this is!! I voted for you too!! It is the cutest thing!! I LOVE IT!!!

Deneen said...

Great job!

Jennifer said...

I just wanted to stop by and tell you how adorable this desk is! I love the idea of the chalkboard paint on the top! Good luck at AC!
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Natalie said...

WOW! Even if I didn't know and love you like I do --- I would have totally voted for this entry. You did an A-MAZ-ING JOB! Seriously... wow! :)

Michelle Paige said...

Very, very cute! I'll vote for you!

Shay said...

Voted!! It is adorable! So is the little artist!

Meredith Bleak said...

Voting done. It looks amazing, Marni! And what a fun mom/son craft!!

my noodle caboodle said...

This is so unbelievably cool! I voted for your project, grabbed my wallet & keys, and bolted out the door in search of a desk to makeover to be just like this one! Thanks for sharing your creativity! Copy-crafters, like me, always enjoy finding such cute projects as our inspiration!


Poddle said...

This is fantastic! It just so happens we had a very similar desk in need of a makeover gathering dust in the garage and within an hour of seeing this post the sandpaper was out. You can see the result here: http://poddleblog.blogspot.com/2011/05/ladybird-desk-makeover.html

I voted for you, of course. :)

A Lived in Home said...

So stinkin' adorable!! You are so creative! I'm sure your son will love crafting there!

Otmar said...

I found this little beat up ol' desk at the thrift store for a whoppin' 15 bucks! ... aartdesk.blogspot.com