Sassy Sunday Spotlight

I am happy to introduce you to our next
 SASSY Sunday Spotlight!
"I'm 29 years old and have been married to my wonderful husband since June of 2006. We love the outdoors, Gator Football games, playing volleyball (indoors and beach), running, and playing with our 4 legged furry son!
I'm a true DIY'er by every extent of the imagination. I think I can move mountains. Good thing I have my sane husband, Chris, to keep me under wraps. I love the satisfied feeling at the end of every project knowing that I created that,good or bad. In April of 2009, we bought a big 'ol house for our someday kids that needs a little TLC and some Hart Lovin before we're ready for those little munch-kins. Our new house is 3x the size of our first house, so we've got quite a bit of work to do!
Both my husband and I work as Electrical Engineers for a large corporation (the same one in fact!), so all of my blogging and DIY projects are done after my 40 + hour of designing mainly computer chips for space based applications...you could actually call me a Rocket Scientist! Yep, we're huge dorks! My hubs is going to school to get his Masters (as a full time student) while also working full time, so I do projects while he does school. We have a yellow lab, Kodi, who we call our first born. He thinks he's human, and for the most part, we play along. We even sign every card or gift from
  Chris, Kara, and Kodi. I think of our life as perfectly imperfect. We don't watch much TV, and we don't stop going most nights until our head hits the pillow. It's a good life. We love it."
Why did you start blogging?
"I started this blog initially as a way to keep all of our guzillion family members up to date on our life, and it's sort of manifested itself into a project blog. There are posts from time to time on my every day life, but for the most part, that consists of projects as well."
Kara!! You are so cute! Some of my favorite posts that you've done are:
...and your most recent project,
it's taken 9 months to complete!
Kara is due May 30th!!! Just a couple more weeks! It's been so much fun getting to know you better, Kara! I am so happy for you! To those of you who are mothers, will be mothers, who are teachers, who are caregivers, who are aunts, who are friends, and who are mothers to FURY people...as Kara would say!
Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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