Sunday Spotlight

I am so happy to intoduce you to our next SASSY Sunday Spotlight! This is Jessica from Utah County Mom!
She blogs about EVERYTHING there is possibly to do in Utah. I know what you are thinking, this blog is only helpful if you actually LIVE in Utah. Wrong! She gives great ideas of random things to do around any city! Like visiting Petco, museusms, zoos, and more!
If you want to know ANYTHING there is to do in Utah, visit her blog!! She's even got a google calendar that lists daily activities! Love it!! But, her blog isn't only about actities to go and do. It's also about activities to do in your home, like CRAFTS!! :) Some of my favorite posts from her blog are:
Even visiting the
can be entertaining!
Take a minute to go over to visit Jessica's blog at Utah County Mom!
She's adorable!!

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Jessica said...

Wow thanks so much! I'm so glad you like my site!