Little Black Bench

This cute bench has seen SO many colors and fabrics, I can't even count. My sister bought it from a yard sale for $1 about 5 years ago. That's right! One dollar. I remember the exact day. It was raining. The man doing the sale wanted to get the yard sale over with, so he sold it to her for a buck! It wouldn't even fit in the car we were in, so we had to bring her van back later. But, for just a dollar, we were about to pass up this beauty! Moral of the story... rainy day yard sales are awesome! Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of every single redo this bench has seen. You'll just have to trust me. When my sister had it, I believe it was pink, then white. Then she gave it to me, and since then it's been black, white, and brown... recovering the seat each time. The only pictures I could find are of it black with rose fabric.
I decided it was time for a change... again! I bought this awesome fabric a couple of months ago to make drapes with. I haven't gotten around to sewing the drapes, but I did use part of the fabric to recover my new bench (let's just hope I have enough fabric for the drapes now!)
I recovered the bottom portion of the bench with plain burlap, just using hot glue to hold it in place! :)
...and the AFTER!
I love it!
Happy Monday!


Nicole said...

LOVE that fabric, Marni! Great job!!

~PJ said...

What a great find! Definitely looks like it should have cost more than $1 and definitely looks like a million bucks with that new fabric!

Sarah said...

very pretty!!

Connie the crafterbug said...

Really cute and what an awesome deal!

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Wow, you sure hit the jackpot. What a deal. You can transform that piece over and over to whatever is in style at the time. A true treasure!

Lolly Jane said...

love love LOVE it! what a goof to give it to you for $1!-but if you're yard saleing in the rain you DEFINATELY deserve it haha!! score!

soo...we're actually doing a joint craft night in july w lil luna, you HAVE to come so we can all meet in person FINALLY! deal?-deal! (:

ps: love your always changing look!-this one is cute. i esp love the classic chandelier profile pic with your name in front of it, so you!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

That looks so good! It's fun when it's a cheap score because you can change it over and over without ruining it's value! :)