Sunday Spotlight

I apologize for posting my Sassy Sunday Spotlight so late! Usually I post it in the morning, but with my new calling in my ward, I don't have as much time to blog on Sunday mornings anymore. Anyway, enough about me! I am so excited for you to meet my new friend Meredith from Haute to Sew.
WHAT is 'Haute to Sew' about?
I learned to sew as a kid but never did much of anything past class projects. Then a year ago I got a sewing machine for my birthday and I haven't stopped sewing since. I've learned a lot in the past year about sewing and about myself and what my passions are. So my blog is about my adventures with sewing and creating. Of course I'm also blogging about my crafty projects, remodeling and decorating my house, and anything else I feel like sharing!
When I ask Meredith to tell us a little about herself,
this is what she had to say...
"I am very rapidly nearing the end of my 20's *tear*. I am technically still a newlywed. My husband's name is David and we got married May 1st, 2010. He is the most loving, supportive, hilarious husband ever. And he's super hot too!"
"I also have a step-daughter named Bella. She will be 10 this week. There are a lot of challenges to being a step-parent (especially to an older child), but she's so sweet and wonderful and I wouldn't trade her for anything."
"We have one pet, my pitbull mix Carmen. She's 8 years old and the absolute love of my life. Bella calls Carmen her sister."
"Anyway, I am a school photographer by profession. I photograph everything from preschool to seniors, including sports, dances and graduations. I love my job! My husband and I bought a house about a year and a half ago. I spend a lot of time doing remodeling and decorating. I am learning that home improvement projects are a never-ending battle!"
WHY to do you blog?
"I have a LONG list of blogs I've been following for a while now. I'm constantly inspired by other people and the little corner they've created for themselves on the internet. My husband encouraged me to start my own blog as a way to show off all the projects I work on. I was very skeptical at first. I've never been a person who journals or writes and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find things to say on my blog. And I was nervous about being boring or not being able to put my personality into writing. My blog is only 2 months old and things started out slow. Now it's picking up and I'm LOVING it! I spend all day attached to my camera and thinking about posts!"
What do you LOVE about blogging?
"Blogging gives me the opportunity to connect with other crafty people. I now have an outlet to show off my projects. There's only so many times I can say "Hi hunnie, look what I made today", and expect the hubs to be as excited about my projects as I am. I LOVE logging in and seeing a new comment or follower...they get me all giddy inside! Plus, with a blog, I now have a perfectly good excuse to take hundreds of pictures without ANY of them involving people! {I need a break from the portraits sometimes}"
I think Meredith and I were friends before we were even born, because reading over some of her "facts about her"- we could be sisters!!
*I make lists...for everything
*I'm totally OCD
*I have a love affair with cheese
*I despise cold weather...I basically turn into the grouch and hibernate in winter
*Nothing makes me happier than a box of puppies
*I don't like to drive, I'd rather have a chauffeur

I am the EXACT same for all of them, except for #5. :)
 Meredith is a super new blogger and already has it down pat! Some of my favorite posts of Haute to Sew are:
Backpack Makeover
Interchangeable Headband
So, there you have it! I absolutely LOVE her blog! She has great ideas and tons of energy. Her blog is fabulous!! Go by and check it out... and become a follower of Haute to Sew!

Happy Sunday!

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