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I am excited for you to meet our guest blogger today.
She is a full time graduate student, mother of 3, wife to PT, and more.  Jen is pursuing her Master's degree to become an elementary school teacher, but says that her Passion for Crafting is her "me" time that she needs for creative expression and tons of fun. She loves crafting, all things vintage and the thrill of seeking out treasures. She is from Arizona but now calls Glen Ellyn, Illinois her home. Jen is going to share with us today, how to make her one-of-a-kind decorative magnets!
These are super cute and simple! What a fun teacher gift idea for your child's teacher this year. This new spin on the old bottle cap magnet is gorgeous on magnet memo boards.
Jen's bottle cap magnet tutorial:
Choose your paper and coordinating centers. I chose buttons for most of these but have used other items as well such as tiny silk flowers, gems, etc.  Cut a strip of paper that is about 10 – 11 inches long and approximately 1/4 – 3/8 inch wide. Be careful to cut the paper straight or you will have a flower lop- sided in the cap with too much space showing on one side. Accordion fold the paper in folds approx. ¼ in. long each. When you are done folding, glue the ends together as I am showing you in the picture (overlap them for a seamless look). I use "Amazing E6000 Industrial Glue" for this entire project. Once dry, put glue in the bottom and sides of the cap. Then push the paper together in a round shape and press into the glue. The paper will flip out of the cap so you have to put a light weight on top of it to hold it securely as it dries overnight. Once dry, put glue on the back of your center embellishment and press onto the center. Quickly remove any glue that shows. Again, let this dry for many hours. Once that is dry, cover one side of the magnet with glue and push it onto the back of the flower bottle cap. Turn it a little and use a craft stick to smooth the glue around the edges so it will be secure. Again with the drying! Then…ta da !! A gorgeous hand-made custom magnet.
If you would like to see step by step pictures of this tutorial, go HERE. Be sure to visit Jen's blog over at Dapperhouse and become a follower! Also, check out her cute ETSY shop where she has these magnets and TONS of other cute stuff for sale! Thanks Jen, for being a sassy site feature today!


Unknown said...

Thank you Marni! I am honored and excited to be a guest on your gorgeous and Amazing Blog!!

jenny at dapperhouse

Natalie said...

so cute! i'm so bummed i didn't save all the bottlecaps from when we last got a pack of henry weinhardts! :)