Sunday Spolight!

I would like to introduce you to the girls from Heck Fridays!
"We are sisters who love to craft, create, make, bake and share ideas. We are both moms of beautiful girls and wives to handsome husbands. We wanted to share this blog together, since we live far away from each other. Joi is in Southern California and Erin is in Northern Utah. We're best friends and no matter how far apart we are, we still stay so close!"
"Heck Fridays' is something our mother, Janet Hightower, used to always say to us when we were younger. It kinda means 'That's just great' or 'Goodness sakes'. We wanted to give tribute to our mom by naming our blog after her. She's the most unique woman we know and we love her very much! She's been such a positive creative influence in our lives and we strive to be like her in many ways!"

some of my favorite posts that they've written:
Wipes Container Case
(check out the cute matching wipes case too!)
Be sure to visit Joi's ETSY too, where you will find all sorts of hair bows and fun things for girls!
Thanks girls for being our Sunday Spotlight!! It was fun to get to know you better!

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