sunday spotlight

Meet Danielle from
 Mostly Food and Crafts!
"Originally I figured I would take a picture a day
and blog about it but then I noticed most
of my pictures were of food and crafts.
And so began Mostly Food and Crafts..."
This is what she had to say about herself: 
(this is a project done by her daughter, it's their family! Too cute!) 
 "I am a wife to one awesome husband and a SAHM to two amazing children; my Sweet Girl is 8 and my Little Man is 5. Hubby and I love to cook! We just love food and are trying to pass the passion on to our kids. I also enjoy reading cooking magazines, cookbooks and watching all cooking channels… anything food related I guess. I love to find new recipes to tweak and try out on my family. My kids are pretty good eaters so I have a lot of fun cooking for them.. well, Sweet Girl is, Little Man goes through phases. I don’t believe in cooking two separate meals – I know some people feel its the only way to get their kids to eat but not me. So- here you will find my adventures in cooking for my family.  I also love to craft when I can find the time -both alone and with the kids So let the adventures begin… and thanks for joining me!"
Here is what Danielle had to say about
'Seven RANDOM facts about me are'
1. I am really bad at these about me things

2. I love reading cookbooks!
3.  I am a huge procrastinator. I make a mental list
every morning and never cross anything off.
4. I stress way too much - about anything
5. I love Rice and Beans
6. I spend way too much time on the computer
7. I love snow days when the kids get to stay home
and we don't have to stick a daily schedule
(here are her adorable kids)
 Danielle has organized her blog into sections, which I LOVE. Not only because I am an organization geek, but mostly because it makes browsing her blog easier.
you'll find things like zucchini chips, oh my goodness... YUM!!
you'll see tutorials such a making this adorable picture frame
Danielle is always crafting something fun with her kids,
like this felt flower bracelet
This is one of my recent favorites of Danielle's...
 personalized hand sanitizer!
I was excited to find that Danielle has an entire section of her blog dedicated to working out! She follows Jullian Michaels, one of my all-time faves! I just recently made it a goal to loose weight and start running. I can't wait to follow along on some of her workout hints and tips!Reading up on the weight loss sections of Mostly Food and Crafts makes me even more excited to reach my goal!
Danielle just celebrated her 1st BLOGoversary on Thursday!! Happy BLOG-birthday to Mostly Food and Crafts! There's a GREAT giveaway going on over there too. Be sure to head over and join in on the fun! It was so fun how it just so happened that she was chosen as the Sassy TOP SPOT this week, on her blogoversary week! YAY!!! It was SOOO much fun getting to know you, Danielle! You are adorable and your blog is amazing! I LOVE it and I'm excited to keep following along! I hope everyone has an enjoyable Sunday!


Danielle said...

Thank you so much Marni!

Laura Trevey said...

Zucchini chips? Yummmmm -

Soccer Mom Style said...

Congratulations Danielle! YOur blog is really sassy ;)