Five winners and a Friday night question!

First up...
FIVE winners!
Five lucky winners will receive the vinyl lettering so they can make their own adorable baby sleeping sign. Each winner gets to pick: a color: white, black, brown or beige. Is it for a boy or a girl? And do you want "you wake her, you take her!" left off... someone people don't like it! ;)
So, using Random.Org... the winners are
#40- Nikki
#35- Ranea
A big congrats to all our winners! Just send me an email at sassy.sites(at)hotmail(dot)com with your shipping address and I will get your lettering to you! XOXO!!
So, are you ready for our (thisissosuperexciting)
Friday Night Question
at Sassy Sites! 

If you could choose one
 superpower to have,
what would it be?

Let me give you some ideas to get your mind going...
 super strength, become invisible, read minds, super speed, enhanced memory, fire breathing, flight, persuasion, time travel, underwater breathing, wall crawling, weather control, animal communication, or duplicate yourself.
Or if you can think of any other superpower, feel free to tell us.
My super power would be to
blink my eyes and be anywhere!
How nice would that be for family vacations! Just blink your eyes and you could be at Disneyland, and I could "blink" my kids to school everyday, and I could "blink" myself to the beach while my kids are in school!
What would you pick?
Leave a comment to
play along!


Renewed Upon a Dream said...

I think my super power would be to make myself reeeally small... like a dust particle, so that I could do the "fly on the wall" thing without being... you know... a fly. :)

South Bay Studio said...

Definately, enhanced memory, I'm starting to get those senior moments, Fun question, this is the first time on your blog, I'm pretty new at this but so far, enjoying seeing how wonderfully creative people are...Kathi

Poor Badger Creations said...

Mine would be the power to freeze time. I couldn't imagine 'pausing' the world and ESPECIALLY my kids, getting the cleaning, my facebooking, a long shower, and a quick nap done then unfreeze time and I have my whole day to just BE.

Jenni said...

i would like to snap my fingers and have my house clean and organized at the sound of it! life would be great if that were the case!

Jackie Koll said...

My superpower would be . . .well, I like the freeze time someone said above because I could get everything done and then play with my kids :-) But, I would like to be the Super Weight Control Women HA! I would be able to enjoy the foods I love AND be the "perfect" size for me. How's that for dreaming?

Becs said...

Mine would be like you... Blink. Or as the popular tv sho "charmed" would call it, orb. My family lives in the Netherlands, how awesome would it be to be able to blink and visit?

Bastian Family said...

My super power would be a genie, but instead of having a master I would be able to use the power as I like. I could do anything, be anywhere, help anyone....It would be amazing!

Alyssa said...

Mind reading. My son has a speech delay and it would be so helpful to be able to know what he needs. (Plus all the other benefits to mind reading lol)