Sassy Sunday Spotlight

I would like to introduce you to my new bloggy friend, Mel
also known as The Crafty Scientist
"I'm a twentysomething PhD student and I'm nearing the end of the dissertation so marriage and kids are still some time away for me! But I have a serious boyfriend. We have two dogs - Max and Bella. Both are pound puppies and spoiled children! Max is the black lab/cocker spaniel mix. Bella is a chihuahua/pug/Yorkie mix. I might post about them like other people post about their children though..."
"My blog is mostly full of craft projects I've made and tutorials to go with them. Sometimes I post projects that I've done using a tutorial from someone else (in which case, I link back to them). I also like the idea of doing roundups of my favorite things or a favorite color palette and I've recently gotten into roundups of projects and tutorials using a particular supply (my "supply related roundups"), like crayons or wine corks. I also have some guest posts and those people answer some standard crafty interview questions (sort of like these) and I have a few printables I've made that people can download for free! I have a few recipes and I've featured projects that other people have made using my tutorials. I sometimes include some personal stuff, but it's mostly photographs of trips and adventures and my dogs. Also, the whole blog has a science-y theme and so I call link parties "conferences" and refer to old projects as "past research", etc. so you'll notice that when browsing my blog!"

"I blog because I wanted a place to share crafty projects I made. And I wanted to spend more time crafting and somehow I felt like blogging justified that a bit, haha. I always loved reading other people's blogs, but I wanted to get feedback on stuff I'd made and connect with other crafty bloggers. Honestly, I like blogging a lot more than I thought I would... this started as a sort of experiment and I thought I'd quit within a month or so, but it's turned out to be a great creative outlet. When I don't feel like I'm accomplishing much with my dissertation, or something goes wrong in one of my 50 other jobs, I do feel progress and accomplishment in the blog."

step by step Clemson Wreath


yummy  homemade caramel apples


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Mel! It was so fun to get to know you better!
You are ADORABLE!! 
The Crafty Scientist

Hey everyone, go a check out Mel at her blog, The Crafty Scientist and be sure to tell her I said HI!!


Rachel W K said...

very fun blog, gonna check it out now! thanks!

-rachel w k

Mel the Crafty Scientist said...

Ohmygosh, Marni, this is so cute! Thank you so much for this feature! I feel super-duper famous and I love how much stuff you featured from my little blog... I think it looks just wonderful! I'm so flattered to be spotlighted, thank you so much again! : )

-Mel the Crafty Scientist