Valentine Activites and Crafts for KIDS!

I thought it would be fun to dedicate a post to crafts and activities that you can do with your kids this month! Some of these crafts will require some help from you. What better way to spend a day than to CRAFT with your kids!!
Just so you know... it's actually WAY more than 101 ideas! I created this button and then found 100 more ideas that I LOVED!!
We've Caught the LOVE POX at Sassy Sites! (well, actually we caught them 2 years ago). This is a super fun little activity to play with your kiddos. I cut vinyl circles out in pink and red, stuck them all over these cute guys and they had fun sharing the POX! For older kids, you could have them say something nice to the person that they trade love pox with! ;)
(pardon the red eyes!)
V and Co.
easy Vday garland
LOTS of fun ideas at
Family Fun
4 ideas from A Cupcake for the Teacher
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Mom and Wife
countdown calendar

15 cute ideas at
Parent Map
Over the Big Moon
pre-k pack
Pinned Image
Under the Table and Dreaming
because we {heart} cheerios!
In My Own Style
Hostess With the Mostess
Vday party
pink and red valentine's day party ideas
Make, Grow, Gather
string heart
message in a bottle
Julie K
homemade crayons
(I think this would be to do with JELL-O!)
microwave heart crayons
the Anderson Crew
Vday mailboxes
Martha Stewart
heart garland
Pinned Image 
Martha Stewart
felt fortune cookies
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The Creative Place
Valentine Ornament
Shindig Parties to go
owl always love you
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oodles of ideas over at
Kids' Valentine's Hat
Julie Ann Art
paper punch garland
25 CUTE ideas at
collage4 25 Valentines Day Gifts to Sew For Your Little Guy
A Day in my Life
I love you... THIS much!
Lisa Storms
paper flowers and pixie sticks
The Decorated Cookie
marshmallow love bugs
Little Birdie Secrets
heart strings
over 50 ideas from
How Does She?
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...and that last one put us WAY over
one hundred and one!!
love it?
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Amy said...

Those are all so cute!

Redneck Charm said...

I love this post!! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! My kids at the daycare are going to love me!! If only Valentines Day was more than 14 days into Feb. Stop by my blog and see the cute "gift cans" I am making for them!

Altax said...

All the crafts are awesome. Love them all!!!

Valentines Day Crafts