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pinterest inspired

I'm beginning to LOVE Mondays! I use my pinterest inspirations as a push to get some of the projects done that I've been wanting to do! This sign was one of the signs that I loved and knew that we needed it for our house. It fits us perfectly! I know that I just did a stencil project last week using vinyl lettering, but I couldn't resist one more for this week.

I just used an average piece of 11" pine wood board that I had laying in my garage and cut it to 41" long. First thing I did was paint it black, because I wanted my letters to be black when the vinyl came off of it. While that was drying, I cut out my vinyl lettering that I would use as a stencil. 

I added my vinyl to my black board.

I used this slate blue spray paint. I LOVE the 2x coverage Rust-oleum, it covers GREAT!

I painted the entire board, right over the vinyl.

After it's dry, start peeling off your vinyl.

This is always the exciting part for me seeing the color come through! It's like Christmas! :)

It's done. Now, of course I wanted to distress it! My 10 year old says "leave it alone!" LOL!

And the finished piece! I LOVE it!

It was a super easy project and the best part is... 
it cost me nothing! 
That is my favorite kind of project!
And I figured this project was very fitting considering that tomorrow is LOVE DAY!
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Amy C said...

I am loving your take on this project! I love how it is horizontal rather than vertical, and the colors you chose. I just LOVE everything about it. :) Thank you for sharing!
Amy @ The Happy Scraps

Amy said...

I have been wanting to make a sign for awhile as well. Yours turned out AMAZING. I might try using the vinyl lettering as well. Thanks for the great ideas!

simplydesigning.blogspot.com said...

That is super cute! I really like it! What a perfect saying too :)


Anonymous said...

That's too cute! LOVE the little disclaimer on the bottom! :)

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