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I am so happy to introduce you to Janel from Hating Martha.
 As she will explain to you, she doesn't actually hate Martha. hee hee!! I think the title of her blog is hilarious!

She is also one of the contestants on American Crafters this round and her entry is amazing...
see, told ya!
GO HERE to vote for it! ;)
Okay, without further ado... this is Janel!
Hi all...Janel here from Hating Martha...imperfection at it's best! First I should explain my blog name... I don’t hate Martha. I don’t know Martha. Well, I do. Lots of Martha’s. All very nice. But I don’t know THE Martha. I am sure she is a very nice person and quite lovely. But…I hate the idea that is Marthaism. It seems to be similar to Skinnyism (an unrealistic standard) We look at standards of homemaking, decorating, cooking, motherhood, you name it and judge ourselves. Standards coming from magazines, t.v., and many other places. Great places! Places I love to peruse. But…who lives in a magazine? Who lives on a t.v. set? Not me…

hate that women feel pressured to bake, cook, clean, craft, relate, care for children, decorate, work, organize, and who knows what else…at a ridiculous standardAn impossibility. We miss life. We miss our children. We miss the JOY simply in doing. We miss the fact hat we can. That we have the resources. That we have the ability. That we have people to care for...
We have people!

This blog is my own resource in a way. I am creative to my core. Without an outlet. This is my outlet. In the process I hope to show life at its best. Messy. Sometimes pretty darn near perfect. And remind myself that it’s the littlest moment that makes the biggest impression. Not the beautiful cake. The homemade costumes. Or the decorating. or…or…or…

It’s the kiss, the smile, and the I love you. I could tell you all of my fantastic crafts. Or fabulous room re-do's. Or amazing success' in sewing. But in truth...I am most proud of this...
...and this
Do you so those smiles...can you tell those are some fun, happy, full of personality kids? That beats my little old blog any day.  But...all that fun and personality screams hello when you come over to my blog. Cause who can keep joy and creativity all to themselves?

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Anonymous said...

I am definitely going to her blog now! I love this guest post. It's so honest and inspiring!