oh SNAP!

Ever do something that you regret? Yep, meeee too! I was given the opportunity to attend the SNAP conference this weekend and passed it up. WHY? Because my life is nutso right now! But ask me today and I wish I would have taken the chance to go. I can here Kelli chanting at me "told ya so!" Tons of my good friends are going and I wish I was too...
Lolly Jane created her very own-cutest-ever business cards to hand out
and The Dairy of Dave's Wife made these cute business card holders for her and one of her roomies Lolly Jane...the room I was supposed to be sharing with them!
There always next year, right?
Are you attending the SNAP conference this weekend?


Jenni said...

i soooooooooo wish i was going!

Unknown said...

Oh SNAP! is right! I wish you were coming too! If you get last minute ticket, you are ALWAYS welcome to come crash with us! Even if it means you me and Kelli sharing a bed ;0)♥ You will certainly be missed!

Sims Family said...

Wish you were coming, too! Next year, right?

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Oh, I wish you were going!!! I'd love to meet you! Hopefully, you will be there next year!