Recipes for GOO, Gak, Slime and MORE!

I LOVE the idea of spending the entire day INDOORS with my kids during the summer! We have found some awesome recipes for GOO, Gak, Slime, Play dough, Flubber, Silly Putty and much more gross stuff that your kids will LOVE!
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Glow in the Dark GOO from The Idea Room
Easy recipe for homemade silly putty from Making Memories
Mom to 2 Posh Lil' Divas created her very own Dr. Seuss Oobleck!
Homemade Play dough from How Does She?
Easy SLIME recipe from Our Best Bites

It's Gravy, Baby added a little bit of GLITTER to her GOO!
GOO in a bag (keep those hands clean!) from Family Fun
Easy chocolate play dough recipe from Nurture Store
Glow in the Dark SLIME from Domestic Charm
Preschool Powol Packets share a great and SLIMY oobleck recipe
Chez Beeper Bebe made this awesome Monster Slime... this would be perfect for a neighborhood summer party!
A less messy fruity play dough recipe from It's Just Laine
So, what's the recipe for a SUPER SIMPLE SLIME?
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What's your recipe for FUN??


LeslieGallery - Tales of an Entrepreneur said...

Oh I LOVE it! Glow in the Dark is always fun. Can't wait to do these with my nieces :)

Linda @ Two Succulent Sisters said...

yep, I'm pinning this. It could be part of the summer fun for my grandkids. Thanks a lot. Linda

Jennifer Dawn said...
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Jennifer Dawn said...

Great recipes! Thanks for compiling so many great slimes and goops. :)

I do an oatmeal playdough that is completely safe and edible if it makes it into a little one's mouth somehow because we all know that such an scenario never happens. ;)


Zia Joaquin said...

Great idea! My kids love this stuff, but I’ve never thought to make it glow in the dark. Thanks for sharing!

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Game fan said...

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