Things That POP!

I thought this would be fun today to experiment with things that POP!! A perfect summer activity to enjoy with your kids! Let's get started by makin' some homemade bubble gum!
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How 'bout some homemade bubble gum ice cream
homemade candy bar POPcorn from Cookin' Food
ice POPS from Bakerella
homemade POP rocks from The Instructables
Pop Rocks!
push POPs from Love from the Oven
 homemade POP tarts from Bake at 350
tons of balloon POP party games at Chickabug
4th of July POP rock cookies from Cake Spy
Pop Rocks Cookies: Tastes Like America.
superhero lolly POPs from Little Bit Funky
POP party from Me and My Insanity
and check out these darling invites!
candied corn POPs from The Queen Bee's Hive
snap, crackle, POP Rice Krispies pops
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homemade soda POP from Cherry Tea Cakes
homemade otter pops from The Kitchn'
dum dum POP topiary from Meet the Dubiens
DIY candy pops from Simply Creative Insanity
soda POP cupcakes from Sew Cake Make
POP printables from Catch My Party
pancake POPs from No. 2 Pencil
4th of July ring POPs from The Bricker's
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...and ALL of these things found at the candy store!
I just now realized that this would have been an awesome post for Father's Day! Get it... For your Pop! Just a little too late... UGH!

{just for fun}
Other things that pop:
soda top
bubble wrap

What else can you think of that POPS?


Shapoppagirl said...

I stumbled upon this site and loved the "pop" ideas. Here's one for you - the game Trouble. You have to pop the center of it in order to roll the dice! :)

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