{back to school} teacher gifts

I thought it would be fun to do a post about the BEST back to school teacher gifts! I've been counting down the days until school starts! We've had a fabulous summer and everything, but I'm READY for school! Please tell me you feel the same way, or am I just a bad mother? Both of my boys will be in school this year, and my last little daycare boy goes to kindergarten full time. I will be home ALL. ALONE. (insert smile here) It's going to be an adjustment, but I think I will be okay (right after I treat myself to a back to school pedicure!)
So, are you my friend on pinterest? I would love it if you were! We have tons of fun!! My picks for the best back to school teacher gifts are...
back to school survival kit

I think it would be cute for the tag to read
"SOAP"ing for great school year!
or something along those lines. CUTE!!
I would changed the tag to say
"I'm glad you are my teacher this year!
I know you are the 'WRITE' teacher for me!"
super simple and VERY cute!
filled with homemade fortune cookies
for a "sweet" teacher
with free printable!
personalized hand sanitizer
with the free printable!
personalized insulated cups
for a back to school gift, I would make the tag say
"we are so happy to have you for
our "SIP"er star teacher this year!"
how simple and CUTE is this!
"SODA"lighted you are my teacher this year!
SO many cute ideas!!
Time to link up your
teacher gift ideas!


  1. I'm looking forward to it too... my daughter is starting in a new daycare with lots of new friends to make and I'm a first year teacher (with experience as a para, so not completely new!). However, I get my own class and will be decorating it starting tomorrow!!! I can't wait. I will definitely miss all the time with my daughter, but it'll be nice to have some time away too. I know that sounds bad, but I think it makes the time together soooo much more fun and enjoyable! Plus, I know the new friends will be great for her and I need the paycheck from the new job to help do things around my house - including a new bedroom for her!!

  2. I'm feeling just the opposite. My little guy/ baby is starting kindergarden this thursday & I've been secretly crying all week. I've been a stay at home mom for his whole life. It's gonna be a big adjustment for both of us. but I'll be ok once we get used to it.

  3. These are all sweet ideas. However, as a teacher I prefer a simple drawing or card by the student. Especially at random times. A sweet little note or picture means so much.

  4. Thank you very much forposting this amazing ideas and also for considering my cans and link to my blog thank you :)

  5. Looking at one of your pictures: a lot is two words, not one.

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