YOUR junk drawers!

Lots of great junk drawers transformations linked up over the past few days... I wanted to feature some of them! :)

I'm loving the wooden organizer tray from Crafty Hearts, Warm Home.


Simple Silly Life used little baskets to separate her "junk". (I wonder if she really uses ALL those bag clips... hee hee!)


Envirocraftiness found a gift certificate tucked away in her junk drawer that she had forgotten she had! ScorE!!


CoBabe in Suburbia used this plastic tray to organize her drawer. It had been tucked away in a closet for years! YAY!


Avery and Winslow used school pencil boxes to organize her junk drawer... I love it!


Rose Vine Creations organized 5 drawers in one day! One of the "after" pictures, is an empty drawer! That makes my heart SMILE!!


The Blue Shutter House used these cute wire trays to organize!

A Very Dandoislion Life made major improvements to her junk drawer! Lovin' those school pencil boxes!!


Lolly Jane Boutique cleaned out her junk drawer in less than 5 minutes!


Pinkapotamus took her junk drawer from this...

 to this!

Good job EVERYONE on cleaning out those
junk drawers!!

Now, for the WINNER of our junk drawer vinyl liner!
...out of 20 comments...
the lucky winner (via Random.Org) is

10 min. are you serious!!!!?? I am jealous I think I spent an hour on my dang drawer.
But I am glad I have clean drawers :)
1/1/11 7:22 PM

*contact me at sassy.sites@hotmail.com
to get your FREE vinyl drawer liner!

** be on the look out for MANY more**
Operation Organization
coming up SOON!!


Unknown said...

Woohoo! Thanks soo much for featuring my Junk Drawer! I am soo excited that it is Finally orgainzed!

Kathleen said...

Thanks for featuring my organized drawer! Since we've been trying to eat less junk food, I will admit, we do use less of the bag clips :)

Carpenter's said...

Whoohooo! Thanks so much for my new vinyl liner. I can't wait to get my hands on it. Thank you, thank you!

CityMom2 said...

These are all fabulous! Would it be ok if people shared where they found their supplies? I'm having a tough time...I guess the stores are picked over at the moment.

Marty said...

I SO need to do this!!

Kristi @ Lolly Jane said...

Dang it! How did we miss this?! ;)
Congrats to the winner!!!

Thanks for the feature! xoxoxo