Organizing your Jewelry

Does your jewelry look like this?
...not for long!

My sister made her girls a jewelry organizer for Christmas this year, and it turned out OH. SO. CUTE.  She found an old frame at goodwill, added some cute knobs and hooks from Hobby Lobby... and voila!


Homemade by Jen made hers out of a bamboo cutlery tray. Super cute!


Check out THIS cool idea using a nuts and bolts organizer!


On My Side of the Room used chicken wire and frames. I love this!


Bluebird Heaven used this old antique printer drawer. (guess what my sister in law just gave me... yep, an antique printer drawer! I wasn't sure what to do with it, welp... now I know!)


Songbird Nesting used cute burlap that she can just use push pins to hang her jewelry with.


Cottage 38 North used an old window, some twine, and hooks!


Paper Seed used a piece of wood, scrapbook paper, and some hooks. So simple!


Say Yes to Hoboken made her jewelry organizer using a frame and pegboard.


And lastly...
here is MY jewelry organizer!

a candle holder!
I've actually used this for years and it works perfect!
What do you use to organize your jewelry?


Kelli W said...

So many great ideas! I love the picture frame and chicken wire one! I totally need to do that!

Anonymous said...

I'm so ashamed seeing this - here is how I store my jewelry


Oh, I'm such a mess...

steufel said...

Sorrry, hit the wrong button - I' not anonymous - Sorry, Stefanie

Unknown said...

Thank you thank you for posting these ideas! I really need to do something with my jewelry and I haven't been able to decide what to do, this gives me some great ideas!

Mrs. Brittany said...

nice! I love the variation! My fav is the nuts and bolts organizer!!! I made one too, I just posted it in my last post! :)

Lisa from Craftified! said...

Great ideas! I was just telling my husband that I needed something to put my necklaces on! Now I have some ideas. Thanks!

Legacy of Love said...

I love those ideas! I tried for a long time, keeping my earrings in tiny plastic zip bags in my jewelry drawer and this was really a great way to keep them organized and togeter but eventually they came out of the bags, and guess what? Never went back in! Now it's just a mess again. lol
I might try one of the ideas you posted about.

Jackie Koll said...

I loved the Nuts and Bolts organizier! What a great idea.

An Oasis in the Desert said...

There are some wonderfully clever ideas. I have a post that has my jewelry organization, but it's a post about organizing my closet. I don't think that's exactly what you were looking for. Your blog looks like fun, so I'm a new follower.