...under the train table!

The playroom was halfway already organized today, only because I had just made a trip last week to the goodwill and donated 3 black trash bags of toys! YIPEE!! So, here's a little tour of our playroom today... (trust me, if you would have seen it LAST WEEK, it WOULD have been chaos!)

I found this train table at a yard sale about a year ago for $20.00. At the time, my little guy was obsessed with trains... not so much anymore. So, we use it mainly for storage now. Hey, whatever works! :)

The greatest thing about this train table is that it has TONS of storage underneath. Out of sight!

blue bucket-cars, yellow bucket-animals and action figures, red bucket-play food, green bucket-trains... and then you put the top on!

I organized the books and movies...

Now, let's talk about the toy box
(AKA-the catch all BOX)

BIG toys, random toys, toys with no category... YES, it drives me crazy- but I have to remind myself, it's a playroom! :)

Lastly, the DRESS UP clothes!

We have dedicated the entire closet to dress up. The boys love it! So, an easy fix... a $5.00 bucket from WalMart

I have created (but not yet cut out) a vinyl that will go inside the closet.
It will read something like:
I am thinking of getting a couple of full length mirrors
to hang in there too! Make it a full on "dress up area"!
...and to finish off the "dress up area",

I added a curtain in the doorway,  (we took the closet door off because lots of fingers were getting smashed) so they can hide out in there too!

So, that's the playroom!


Jen @ EmbellishingLifeEveryday said...

What a good find for $20!!! Makes a great storage spot!

Anonymous said...

Great storage under that table!

Anonymous said...

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