... I'm in need of a little pity party.
  • Sometimes I feel like we all deserve a pity party! (I had someone tell me once that it isn't healthy and we shouldn't have them.)
  • Sometimes I find myself not wanting to be a mom for a moment. I want to get away for a week or two (or three!). It makes me feel guilty to want to get away!
  • Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing enough good in this life. I want to give more service. I want to be more kind, caring, loving, giving, understanding...
  • Sometimes I make promises, but don't keep them.
  • Sometimes my heart aches for a new baby. Okay, not just sometimes, ALL the time. Everyday I think about it.
  • Sometimes I think I'm not good enough, cute enough, smart enough, crafty enough, nice enough, creative enough...
  • Sometimes I crave a big, fat bowl of ice cream. Someone recently told me that I was fat, now every time I eat anything, I think of her.
  •  Sometimes I think I don't spend enough time with my kids. Before I know it, they will be gone and I will be regretting it.
  • Sometimes I think my husband could have picked a better, nicer wife.
  • Sometimes I think I'm the only one who has pity parties.
  • Sometimes I think of closing down the blog.
Whew! I feel soooo much better now! Thanks for listening!



Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

Sorry to hear your having one of those day.

My Garden of Eden said...


You read my mind exactly :)! I totally understand about a baby. My heart aches daily! Hang in there! The sun is coming out and there will be better days!


Nicole said...

Ugh, I have a love/hate relationship with my own pity parties. Sometimes (no pun intended), a girl needs a pity party. If you can't put your thoughts out there on your own blog, what's the point? Glad you let it all out.
Yours is by far one of my abosolute favorite blogs. I'll never hold it against you if you close down your blog, but I will most certainly be sad.
Have a great rest of the week! It's almost the weekend!

Jill said...

Pity parties are sometimes necessary. :( Hopefully it won't last long. I love your blog and think that you're fantastic. Additionally, it's completely rude and uncalled for that someone called you fat. Both you and your blog are beautiful. I hope things turn around for you soon!

Aimee from Classified: Mom said...

You are my hero- you took the words out of my mouth! You are human, you are woman- embrace that!
I think the pressure of everyday life on top of being a mom, a wife, a friend and everything else we are suppose to be can take a toll on our minds.
If you ever need a flying buddy- I am here for ya! 3 weeks sounds great to me!

Kelsey @ Tattered and Inked said...

Totally feeling these right now! I'm glad you were brave enough to put it out there. Pity parties are totally ok- we all need them sometimes. Hang in there- you are loved!

Anonymous said...

Being a wife and mother is a big hard job. But God knew you can do it and he gave you the job. We all have those days. thankfully not all at the same time. So while you are having one of those days, those of us who are on the up swing from one of those days are here to cheer you on! You can do it! you can do it!Lean on the one who created you to do it! Have a wonderful day get good sleep and get ready to enjoy an other wonderful day and the wonderful gift of life, marriage, and children! ( I needed to hear that to)
Thanks for all the hard work you put into this blog.

Allison said...

We all have our own little pitty parties, none of us are perfect!! I understand alot of the things you have in your list. As for the person who said you were fat, she should be ashamed of herself, no one has the right to pass judgement on others and as long as you love yourself that is all that matters!!! I bet you are a beautiful woman, a wonderful wife and an excellent mother!! And I for one love your blog!! I hope tomorrow is a better day for you, sit back and enjoy your bowl of ice cream, I know I'm fixing to!!!

Craftberry Bush said...

Awww.. we all feel that way from time to time and its okay to have a pity party...because you know that if you were to go away from your kids for three weeks you would miss them like crazy,and you realize that they are precious and that's why you want to spend more time with them...and we all feel like we're not crafty enough or pretty enough...and don't you there close this blog because we love it !
Sending you a warm hug,

Leanne said...

There's nothing wrong with a pity party from time to time. It's good to reflect and put your thoughts out there. And you're not the only one having pity parties. We all have them sometimes. Hang in there.

Shay said...

I want to come to your party! You always throw THE best parties! Seriously, not crafty? Psh! You are soooo creative! Even your pity party is fun! Pity parties are good and about that lady who said the comment that rhymes with brat.....yeah, she is dumb! ;)

Meredith Bleak said...

*ALWAYS I think you're so fun

*ALWAYS I think you have the best ideas

*I am ALWAYS jealous of the price of things you find/make!

*Great moms ALWAYS think of how they can be better. (they want the best for their kids)

*Your Father in Heaven loves you and sent you to your husband to make him a better man. For ALWAYS and forever

* I ALWAYS want something sweet to eat

*The word ALWAYS has definitely started to look funny in print.

*I adore you ALWAYS!

Jackie Koll said...

You mean I'm not the only one who needs a vacation from the family every once in awhile? Wait - that means I'm normal LOL As I read your list, almost all of them apply to me too so don't let life get you done - many of us have those same self doubts and you encouraged at least me today that it is OK!!!

Chrissy @ Boerman Ramblings said...

Meredith said it perfectly...you are

keep doing what you are doing girl!

Anonymous said...

Right there with you on almost every point.
I bet we all feel/think these things sometimes or all the time.
Be the best you you can be.


~Claire~ said...

We all need to vent sometimes! I think it is the curse of women to never think we are good enough- maybe it's a self-inflicted challenge to continue to be the best we can!

PS PLEASE don't ever ever ever shut down your site! I LOVE it!!! So inspirational, and you are SO funny!

April said...

Oh good! I'm not the only one who thinks those things! Sorry you are having a bad day! And yes it's probably not a good idea to get accustomed to throwing pity parties but I completely agree that sometimes we just need to say how we are feeling. It seems like once it's out there it doesn't have that same power over us...kwim.

Natalie said...

I can't believe someone called you fat!!! Wait, if it's who I think it is... THAT'S IT!!! I'M GIVING HER A BEAT DOWN! I DON'T CARE!!! Clearly, that person is legally blind. You are NOT fat. I'm fat! Send her my way! She needs reference points. geez. Don't shut down the blog. (Change the post times and do it in bulk. It'll post on schedule and you can take a day off or three.) ;) I think you need a good ol' GNO. WE MISSED JANUARY! IT'S TIME! I've definitely been in need... just read my blog. I should shut mine down! We always do the best we can. In fact, I talked to your mom about this on Tuesday. She made me feel MUCH better. Do you want to talk to my mom? ;)

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

We all have days like this once in awhile!!! The important thing is that it's ONLY once in awhile! Not everyday! ;) Feel better!

Denise at PinkPostcard. said...

I had a pity party yesterday too! I think life and blogging can definitely be a roller coaster of emotions. I just started a blog party and after my 3rd week I'm already considering shutting it down. 18 to 16 to 6 link ups. I feel like a big fat loser!! :(
Glad to see your day is better. Mine is too, but kinda.
Have a great weekend.

LeAnn said...

I have been feeling the same way lately. I love your blog, we will get through it together.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I have felt all of those things at one time or another! I think having a pity party is good for you...and sharing is even better!

Lyssa said...

First of all, you need to get away from these so called friends you are around that tell you such things! What a downer!
Second, we all feel this way sometimes. It's just part of life. But it's what we do afterwards that matters. Stand back up and keep on going!
I love this site and you are a fresh breath of air :)

Kelli said...

good for you posting honestly. i feel like this at times...esp running away from my kids for WEEKS, lol!!

hang in there girl, you're not alone. you never REALLY know what goes on in people's homes...