Sassy Sunday Spotlight

I am happy to introduce you to our Sunday Spotlight for this week! She is also the Sassy TOP SPOT too!! That's what happens when you are chosen randomly from our FFA party on Fridays! :) The Crafeteria is a new blog about sewing, painting, felting, crafting, clay, scrapbooking, and much more!!
The Crafeteria
This is what Tal has to say about herself:
"I’m in my thirties, and it seemed like a good time to start enjoying life. In the last decade or so I tried to find myself here, there and everywhere, and finally I decided to actually find myself, and what do you know, apparently out of all the things I could do, I love crafting the most. So I decided to try and do something with this love for crafts, and that’s how The Crafeteria was born. As I’m not the most focused person you could find, I’m constantly trying different kinds of crafts, and you’re going to enjoy it. In this website I’ll try to give you the taste of various crafts – knitting, crochet, sewing, ceramic & pottery, felting, building with cardboard, crafting with kids and more."
Here are some of the great posts that you can find over at The Crafeteria!
How cute are these?!
 I want one of these!!
My kids would LOVE this!
Be sure to check out her cute blog and become a follower of The Crafeteria! She would love it!!
ALSO, here is the schedule for the upcoming week of what's happening at Sassy Sites! Every week the schedule will change, so be sure to watching for it! Tuesday-Friday will be link up parties!! Feel free to join in and tell your friends!! ;)
Monday: Made By Me
Tuesday: Trash to Treasures
Wednesday: In the Kitchen
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Saturday: Shout Outs
Sunday: Sassy Spotlight

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