Goodbye Gold!

Makeover Monday!
Here's a quick story about this bedroom set. My husband had this bedroom set growing up. When his mom moved out of her house and was getting rid of things, the bedroom set is what I wanted! So, we've enjoyed the set for almost 11 years now. I'm thinking the set has got to be at least 35 years old. I LOVE it! Although I have used the pieces for different things and they aren't necessarily a "set" right now, I hope that one day when we have a nice guest room, all the pieces will be back together again. So, some of the pieces are black, some are brown, and this one is white. Whichever room I need a piece in, I spray it to match the decor of that room. Well, this is the tallest dresser. It was an ugly brown when we got it from my husband's mom, then a couple of years ago I painted it white. I wish I would have taken a BEFORE picture when it was brown. I think the white is okay, but I hated the GOLD hardware!
 a Ralph Lauren stain, and an old shirt will do the trick to give the dresser a distressed look.
 I LOVE the stain!
 the hardware gets a coat of black spray paint
and VIOLA!
Total time spent: 30 minutes
Total money spent: $0
 a QUICK way to update the look of ANY drawer pull, knob, or hardware.
I haven't spray painted hinges yet though, and I'm curious to see how that works. I would think that it would be hard to have it not make the hinges sticky and tough to open and close.
Have you spray painted
hinges before?
I would love to know!

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Matt and Leah said...

This looks GREAT!! I spray painted the hinges on our hutch and they look great. I just made sure to do really thin coats so that the paint didn't get too thick and wouldn't wear away when the doors were opened and closed.

Nicole said...

That looks so awesome! Love it! :)

Anna said...

That looks awesome! I'm starting a new link party for weekend warriors, you should look this up. Here's the link: http://www.askannamoseley.com/2011/04/new-weekend-warrior-link-party.html

Anna :)

Trisha @ The Sweet Survival said...

Spary paint is amazing isn't it! Love the new bronze hardware.

Trina Hautala said...

Looks great!

Shay said...

Looks so great!! I love the idea of spray painting hardware! Total transformation!

Lolly Jane said...

loving!! so pretty!

Chris said...

Hooray for spray paint and makeovers that cost $0. You did a great job.

Jennifer said...

I love spray paint, but I have never used it on knobs or pulls. I have some beautiful gold ones too (sarcastic of course) I think I will try spray paint too. Thanks for the idea!


Kathryn Michelle Jenkins said...

I love what you can do with paint! so cool.

new follower!

Magnolia Charm said...

i LIKE IT! :)

Jenny @ Embellishing Life said...

Great transformation! Isn't it great what a little paint can do?!

Jami said...

Amazing job!!! I'm so insp If you get a chance, I'd love for you to stop by and link up to the Tuesday To Do Party.
Jamiired to tackle my kitchen table.

Leanne said...

I love the outcome, especially because of the cost and time spent. Thanks for linking to Home Decor and Organizing Link Party. I'll be featuring this later this week.

Kelsey@inspirationthief said...

I love using spray paint.

Just Jaime said...

The black looks great!

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Hello, friend! I'm admiring your creativity as shown in your blog so will you kindly share some of your posts in the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? Hope to see you there at the party :)