Final Round!

We're IN! We SCREECHED in at last place, but we made it to the final round of American Crafters! Thanks so much to everyone who has voted for us along the way! The next round is...
Just a recap of the projects that we've done throughout this competition... 
our entry project
Chandelier Makeover
Round 1-Trash to Treasure
Art Desk Makeover
Round 2- Home Decor
aDOORable frame
Round 3- Summer Fun
60 Days of Summer
There you have it! These are all the projects that have gotten us to where we are. And, of course, we wouldn't have made it without YOU and your votes! Thanks a million!!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Congrats chica :)

Natalie said...

Congrats! Do you think you could email me all the things on your lists? They all look like so much fun! We could definitely use something like this!!! Great idea!

Jess said...

Congratulations! Great projects.

Nat Mac said...

Congrats!! I have loved all your projects. I am so going to do your door frame! I would also love to know all the things on your summer to do list. I'm needing some ideas. Can't wait to see your final project!

steufel said...