girls camp crafts.

I've just returned home from girls camp and I've had a couple of requests from people wanting to know what kinds of crafts we did while we were at girls camp, so I decided to share them with you!
This is the craft that every girl got to make during the craft class. It's a simple piece of wood, routed on the edges, painted black, and a temple picture added to the top. We mod podged the picture on, added a jewel and that's it! It was super fast, FUN, and very inexpensive... $2.00, including the little easel.
This was the necklace that the stake provided for each girl. ADORABLE!!
On the ball chain, we got our name stamped on a metal tag, a pink crown sautered with a mirror on the back, and a heart that says love with a bling. Then, each ward came up with their own bead and they could trade around camp with someone else. The goal was to get each ward's bead. Super fun!! Some of the beads were a diamond jewel on a ring, a safety pin with a heart bling hot glued to it, a nut painted pink with bling around the edges, a washer painted pink with the words "I Am Me" written on it, a flower, and pearls. There were so many options, I didn't even end up getting them all! There were some VERY CUTE ones!!
(how many times did I say "bling" in this paragraph?!!) :)
I LOVE the sparkly crown pennant! One side was the crown and one side was a mirror. I'm not sure how this was made, because it was already made for us... but I WILL find out!! :)
I found these cute little mirrors at the dollar store! Two in a pack and they aren't breakable... perfect! These are just something that I brought up in case we had some "down time", and we did! I'm glad I had them. For as simple as these are, the girls loved them! The bling came with it and the girls had a great time decorating their mirrors!
I gave each girl a personalized water bottle to take with them on the hike! I purchased these at the dollar store, added some vinyl lettering names to each, and ribbon-of course! Simple! :)
These adorable flower headbands were a HIT at camp! The girls loved making these! I took pictures, so I will have a tutorial on these for you for Made by Me Monday! :)
What crafts did YOU do for girls camp?


Suze said...

I miss girl camp...my ward only have kids up to 7 years old :(
I love the Temple picture, I am going to make one for the kids' room!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

We haven't had girl's camp yet~but I'm in charge of the beads, so I'm glad you showed some pictures! The safety pin with the heart is a fun one!


loved the temple picture. & I as well miss girls camp I have another 9 1/2 years before I get to send my little one off to camp. Love your site thanks for all the cute ideas.

Lorie said...

So fun! Do you guys go to LoMia? *Sigh* I miss AZ girls camp!

Natalie said...

I can't believe how awesome those crafts are! What lucky girls your stake has! Remember the lame crud we used to make up at Girls' Camp? I remember making a wooden native american lady one year, starting a rag rug another year... and thankfully, have forgotten the rest. (Until I'm trying to go to sleep in a little while, then I won't be able to rest until I remember them all... ha!)

MoMomma said...

Very Cute! It makes me wish I had gone to girls camp (I'm a convert!) Come follow my blog :)

Shay said...

Those are the cutest crafts! I love them!! Natalie is right! How times have changed.....for the better in crafting!!