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This is Leigh Anne!
First of all, I LOVE her blog name! How many times do we catch ourselves saying that in a day! I remember being a kid and having my mom ask me to do something, then 2 hours later she comes back and asks if it was done. My response "I was gonna!!" I think her blog name is hilarious! I love it!
A little bit about her:
"My name is Leigh Anne but my husband has dubbed me The Queen of Iwasgonna. Apparently I was gonna do something, but... so this is my blog dedicated to the things that I did do.

I work full time as an assistant. I sit in a cubicle all day and stare at a computer monitor. I am turtle-pacing my way toward a degree in Biology so I can work in a medical lab. I love science AND I live in Houston which is like the health care capital of the world, so it makes sense. But I LOVE making things myself. When I see something I like, my first thought is "I can soo make that!" And usually my second thought is something like "but where am I going to get a (fill in the blank) at this hour?" Basically I think my eyes are bigger than my stomach, and it seems my husband's nickname probably has weight (but never tell him I've admitted it).

I've started an Etsy store selling various projects. Sometimes I don't actually NEED the things that I love to make, so Etsy is wonderful for that. There's a link to my shop and some of my recent listings to the right, and down a little.
If you're still reading THANK YOU for your interest in me.

My husband and I are working on home improvements. No matter when you read this, I can almost assure you that we have some sort of project going on. My husband and I are the same in that we can never keep things the same for very long. We move furniture around if we are on a tight budget and just need a change. Now that we own our own home, I can imagine a lot of sawdust in our future.

Won't you follow me on my journey of arts and crafts and home improvement? I promise to only occasionally tell you what I was gonna do."
Leigh Anne is a homeowner with a DIY tendency, (step)mother to Ethan, who has an imagination out of this world; wife to Shannon who supports my craft habit; and am owned by Bubbie the grey tabby cat, who despite the rough sound of her meow, is actually quite sweet (to me). P.S. Polka dots are my favorite!

{I already LOVE her if she loves polka dots!} 
 Leigh Anne and her husband are in the process of renovating their home. She has a link on the top of her blog that will take you through the whole process, from floors to doors! :)
She also has an ETSY shop were she sells jewelry and crafts. 
love it!!
One her my favorite crafts that Leigh Anne has done would have to be her GLITTER pumpkins! I think these are just adorable and I can't wait to make some for my house!
Another one of my favorites comes from her ETSY shop
Fall is in the air!! :)
It was so fun to get to know Leigh Anne better. Be sure to go by and visit her at Iwasgonna! She's the Queen, you know! ;) 

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Leigh Anne said...

Holy cow, THANK YOU for spotlighting my blog!