161 gift ideas!

Day 4 of our Sassy Christmas party!
This is one of my very favorite posts! I'm so excited to see all of the wonderful ideas that you do for gifts to teachers and neighbors.... all 161 of them!!
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gifts from kitchen Gifts from your kitchen
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christmas 24 Homemade Christmas Gifts for Neighbors
christmas 24 Homemade Christmas Gifts for Neighbors
christmas 24 Homemade Christmas Gifts for Neighbors
christmas 24 Homemade Christmas Gifts for Neighbors
christmas 24 Homemade Christmas Gifts for Neighbors
christmas 24 Homemade Christmas Gifts for Neighbors
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christmas Cheap Neighbor Christmas Gift Ideas {homemade}
christmas Cheap Neighbor Christmas Gift Ideas {homemade}
christmas Cheap Neighbor Christmas Gift Ideas {homemade}
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The Christmas Orange Story
Cheese and a cheese grater:
“Cheesen’s Greetings To A Really “GRATE” Neighbor!”
Christmas Towel:
May the “Absorbing” Spirit of Christmas “Blot” Out Your Troubles, “Soak” Up Your Sorrows. And “Wipe” Away Your Difficulties. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Here’s an early Christmas greeting
For your family to share
Let it brighten up your season
And spread gladness thru the air.
You can start a new tradition
Every night till Christmas day
To burn the Christmas candle
While the family doth play.
You can bake, draw, or read stories
Sing songs or just play games
And by the season finish
Only memories remain.
It is hoped that you‘ll enjoy
A special season full of fun.
And that love will burn more brightly
When your holiday is gone.
2 liter of Sprite:
“May your holiday be merry and “sprite!”
 Hope you have a “WHOPPER” of a Christmas!
Measuring cup with candy
A Cup of Christmas Cheer
No one can measure up to you
But we’re doing our best to try,
We appreciate all the kindness you show
A kind of caring you just can’t buy.
This Christmas gift is sent your way
To wish a full measure of holiday cheer,
May your cup overflow with joy and peace.
Bubble Bath
When the rushing of Christmas gets you down
And you’ve had all the fun you can stand
Don’t get discouraged and don’t give up
Just let this present give you a hand…
Take a break from the kids and shopping
Let the phone ring…don’t answer the door
Lay back and relax in a hot bubble bath
And you’ll soon feel ready for more!!
Mint candy:
Some friends come
And some friends go
But true friends stay
For life you know,So in my heart
You’ll always be
Your friendship’s worth
A MINT to me!!
It’s always “NUTS” around our house
But especially during the Christmas season –
There’s so much decorating and shopping to do
And the weather is usually freezin’
Although sometimes we appear half-cracked
We’re so glad to have friends like you –
So Merry Christmas from your “nutty” friends
And a very Happy New Year, too!
Wire Wisk
 with Hershey kisses
 “We Whisk You A Merry Kissmas!”
Oven mitt filled with
 spaghetti and sauce:
We know how hectic the Holidays can be With all the Christmas rush and the fuss, So relax a bit—Open this MITT, and have some Spaghetti on us!!
Jolly Ranchers:
30 ideas from
How Does She

12 gifts ideas under $2
Today's Fabulous Finds
You're gettin' 'MUFFIN' for Christmas!

We're 'ROOTING' for you to have a happy holiday
season and a wonderful new year!

May your days be happy, your heart be light,
 your Christmas merry and the New Year bright!

Don't Have A 'COW', have a Merry Christmas!

May your Holidays be 'POPPIN'!

We 'WISK' we could do more, but don't 'SNICKER',
just be glad you got something!

Keep Chrismas in your heart the 'WHOLE YEAR' through.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
 I sprang from my bed and tripped on this 'platter'! Merry Christmas!

I'd 'SODA' like to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a 'WARM' and wonderful Christmas!

'FUDGE' a little on the calories and enjoy the Holiday Season!

This Christmas you deserve the best...
...a present unlike all the rest.
We considered a new car or exotic cruise,
but decided on something you could really use!
Finally we found a gift to admire,
we hope you like your new washer and dryer!
Happy Holidays!

61 ideas from

1. Set of measuring spoons and cups
 Wishing you joy beyond "measure" this holiday season.
2. Bag of pistachios or peanuts in shells
 Don't go "nuts" this Christmas! From your "nutty" neighbors.
3. Fresh grapes
A "bunchful" of wishes for a "grape" holiday!
4. Christmas paper plates, napkins, cups and plastic utensils
 A bit of "disposable" Christmas cheer! What could be better? No dishes, my dear!
5. Bolt of Christmas ribbon
This simple gift is meant to help you "tie" up those loose ends this Christmas season!
6. Bag of ice melter and scoop
 "Scoop" up a safe and fun holiday season!
7. Christmas ornament
Twinkle, twinkle, sparkled, shine, this ornament comes just in time! Merry Christmas!
8. Jolly Rancher soft chews
We "chews" to wish you a "jolly" holiday season!
9. Eggo Waffles and syrup
For a "quick-o" breakfast that will be just fine, when running late this holiday time! Merry Christmas from our house to yours!
10. Mittens (fill with tape, scissors, tags and pen)
 Let us "lend" you a "hand" this Christmas season!
11. Cheese Nips
We're going to "nip" it in the bud and wish you "cheesey" holiday wishes!
12. Frozen lasagna
"What's for dinner?" During the holidays we hear this a lot, just heat this lasagna until it is hot!
13. Apples and caramel dip
 To a most "a-peel-ing" family. "Dip" into a very happy holiday season!
14. Animal Crackers or Teddy Grahams
This neighborhood would be a "zoo" without you! Merry Christmas to a "beary" "grrreat" neighbor!
15. Big candy bar or candy cane
"Enormous" Christmas wishes to you!
15. 7UP
 There's "seven" reasons why you are "up" on our list of favorites! Merry Christmas (list seven reasons).
16. Christmas plates
Hoping you'll "arrange" to have a wonderful Christmas this year with a "plateful" of fun!
17. Bag of salad and dressing
"Tossing" out a wonderful Christmas wish to you and yours all "dressed" up with Christmas cheer!
18. Snowman
There's "snow" better folks than you! Merry Christmas!
19. Christmas potholders
"Hot" holiday wishes for you! Happy holidays!
20. Christmas towel
 Sending "clean" and "sparkling" Christmas wishes your way!
21. Snack mix
 Here is a "mix" of holiday wishes for you! (or) May your holidays be "Chextra" special!
22. Bag of potatoes with tasty recipes
Hey, "spuds!" We think you're awesome! Merry Christmas!
23. Symphony candy bars
Just a "note" of "sweet" Christmas tidings!
24. Package of pens
 Whenever you need them, they're never around, so here is a supply ... 'cuz you're Christmas bound!
25. Toaster Struedel or English muffins
May your holidays be warm and "toasty" Merry Christmas!
26. Santa
Just be "Claus" we think you're neat! Merry Christmas!
27. Starbursts
 We are "bursting" with wishes for you to have a "starry" bright Christmas!
28. Baked item
It's a Christmas miracle ... I baked! Warm Christmas wishes to you and yours!
29. Frozen item
 You're the "brrr-y" best!
30. Cream of Weber Chug chocolate milk
 (individual or six-pack) — "Chug" a lug of Christmas cheer, Santa Claus will soon be here. Just warm one in the microwave, to have hot chocolate you'll surely crave! (You could attach a bag of marshmallows.)
31. Rhodes frozen cinnamon or orange rolls
 "Rise" to the occasion and celebrate the holidays in a "tasty" way.
32. Pepperidge Farm cookies
Homemade cookies would be so fine, but these are so much better than mine! Merry Christmas!
33. Bagels and cream cheese
"Spreading" a little Christmas "shmear" to our friends who are so dear!
34. Package of Milky Way reindeer
 For won-"deer"-full friends from the whole herd!
35. Poinsettia
Our friendship is forever "blooming." Hoping you have a wonderful holiday season!
36. Oven mitt
For a "warm" hand of friendship just as you've given me, and the wish for a joyous season with love aplenty under the tree!
37. Scented pinecones or candle
 Have a "scent"-sational Christmas.
38. Roll of wrapping paper
 "Wrap" yourself up in a wonderful holiday season!
39. Ice cream roll or frozen drink concentrate
 Happy "freezin'" season! Have a happy holiday!
40. Mint M&M's
These are "mint" to wish you a "magical" and "merry" Christmas.
41. Magic Markers
 Friends are the "magic" of Christmas!
42. Christmas cookie cutter
 "Cutting" out a perfect Christmas wish for you!
43. Bouquet of flowers or cookies
We're sending a "bouquet" of Christmas wishes your way!
44. Winter scarf
 Hoping your Christmas is "wrapped" up in fun! "Warm" winter wishes to everyone!
45. Note cards or Post-It-Notes
 Take "note!" We're thinking of you this holiday season!
46. Car scraper and brush
May you be free from life's "scrapes" and shoves and "see more clearly." May life's problems just "brush" away. We wish you a happy holiday.
47. Soup mix
We wish you a wonderful holiday "simmering" gently with love!
48. Bean soup mix
 You've "bean" such good neighbors!
49. Christmas taffy
 We're "pulling" for you to have a very merry Christmas!
50. Christmas Rolos
 "Rolo-long" with a holiday song, spreading good cheer at the time of year!
51. Werthers Original Butter Candies
"Original" Christmas greeting for no "butter" friends around.
52. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
There are so many "Reeses" why we like you!
53. Fritos Scoops and bean dip
 Here is the "scoop" for "bean" so nice. "Dip" into a fun holiday!
54. Flashlight
 We love how you "light up" our lives. We've come to depend on your "glow." Here's a "flashlight" to store, so you'll always be sure to create "light" wherever you go!
55. Batteries
 "'Twas the night before Christmas and Santa was worried, he had an emergnecy. Boy was he flurried! The power was off, and his flashlight was dead. He didn't buy "batteries" when Mrs. Santa said. We don't want you in a similiar plight, so we give you "batteries" to "lighten" your night! Merry Christmas to you. May you walk in the "light"!
56. Townhouse crackers and cheeseball
From "our house" to "your house" with love. We hope you have a "ball" this Christmas!
57. Frozen or refrigerated turnovers
The holidays are wrapping up, there is still one thing we want to do. We couldn't go another day without this holiday wish for you. May the new hear "turn over" with health, wealth and happiness, too!
58. Ritz snowflake crackers and a can of cheese
Have a "ritzy" Christmas season and "spread" around the joy!
59. Jello Mousse Mix
 Merry "Chris-mousse" to you!
60. Pancake mix and syrup
We're "pouring out" Christmas wishes and hoping you have a Christmas to "flip over!"
61. Bounty paper towels
 This season may the "absorbing" spirit of Christ "blot" out your problems, "soak up" your sorrows, and "wipe" away your difficulties and may the new year bring you "bounteous" blessings all the year through!
WHEW!! Now, THAT'S a lot of gifts! I hope you had as much as I did reading through all of these. Thanks to the wonderful blogs and sites that I got all these ideas from! I have to get busy making these... but first, I have to decide which ones to make!
I love them ALL!!
Do you have a teacher/neighbor gifts that you would like to share with us? Or have you seen one on pinterest or on blogs that is too cute? Share them with us here! Remember, if you are linking up someone else's idea- just make sure to link back to their blog so they get the credit! :)
This is ONLY a teacher/neighbor
CHRISTMAS GIFT link up party!


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Thanks for all your ideas! I linked up a few of mine from last year.

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Wow...I mean WOW, there were so many fabulous ideas here for neigbour & teacher gifts - thank you!

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Marni!!! Thank you so much for posting this! I probably would have forgotten, but now that I've Ben reminded and given such great ideas, I might not be a lame mom this year!!! :). You're so fabulous!

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