Christmas OUTDOOR decor

We are already to day 19 of our Sassy Christmas party! Less than a week away from Christmas! Today, I'm featuring OUTDOOR Christmas Decor!
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 I am excited to show you some of the amazing and gorgeous ideas that people are doing with the OUTside of their homes this Christmas!

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Garden-Inspired Greeting
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Photo Op set up for Santa pictures!
Twig Decor
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This one, of course is just for laughs!
This would for sure get people to stop and look...
Did you decorate the outside of your house this year?
Share it with us here!
Outdoor Christmas Decor


the cape on the corner said...

love the one with the old sled propped up in the corner. my mom found one in my step dad's shed that i am gonna try and borrom (read:steal) this weekend.

Unknown said...

love the presents wrapped in tablecloths.....did you use a stick or pole to have them stay in place.