the dreaded junk drawer...

organized in less than 10 minutes!
my before junk drawer contained:
9 rolls of scotch tape
Christmas candy
5 foam brushes
2 boxes of staples
2 staplers
5 pairs of scissors
1 hole puncher
10 chip clips
4 chap sticks
3 nail clippers
1 hammer
3 screwdrivers
1 box of batteries
2 candle lighters
2 bottles of Elmer's Glue
1 CD
10 pens
10 pencils
5 markers/highlighters
1 address book
1 army guy
Everything comes out and get categorized and the drawer gets a good clorox wipe down!
In the meantime...
I found this organizing technique on pinterest the other day. She uses the bottom of cereal boxes to organize all of her junk drawer stuff. I LOVE this idea! It's a free way to make things look neat and tidy!

Pinned Image
I found this box in our storage room that was just sitting, so I grabbed it! I knew it would be the perfect size for the drawer.
I took the flaps off and added some polka dot fabric to the bottom of it, just to make it look a little cuter!
After THROWING things away and putting things where they actually belong... this is what the end result is!
*a little bit of time for something that makes such a BIG difference!
Do you have just 10 extra minutes today?
GO now and organize your junk drawer! :)
(one drawer down, 23 to go!)
after you organize YOUR junk drawer, blog about it and then head on over to Sassy Sites tomorrow and link it up! We're gonna have a junk drawer PAR-TAY!!


Melanie said...

come link this up missy! It's super smart!


Sarah said...

I so need to do this..thanks for the inspiration!


sewfarandaway said...

I heard ladies talking today about junk drawers; I will have to share this with them. Great idea!

Autism Mom said...

what a great idea! i need to do mine sooo badly.

new follower and look forward to reading more of your blog.

The Antics of An Autism Mom

Anna said...

When I posted on my junk drawer I titled it the same thing! I guess we all dread the junk drawer. :)


Tammy said...

Oh, I so need to do this! My closets need work too...hehe

The Bathtime Team said...

every brit has a junk drawer in their kitchen. Ours is awful and I keep shoving more in there. I am going to save a box from work, cover the base in material and DECLUTTER!!!

watch this space, lol

the bathtime team x
(we have linky parties)