There's a party in the junk drawer!

(There's a link up party going on at the end of the post! We'd LOVE to have you join!!)
The basics of organizing
 your junk ANY drawer:
by: Sassy Sites! ;)

Clear out all the clutter
Sort into according piles
Throw away what isn't used
Relocate things that don't belong
Wipe down drawer
Arrange and Organize
KEEP IT organized!
We are going to show you some great and INEXPENSIVE ways that you can organize your junk drawer and KEEP IT ORGANIZED!!

used tea cups to organize all of her little items in her junk drawer
featured this great idea to use tuna cans!
cookie sheets!
Drawer Organizers
I am in LOVE with these little plastic cubby containers!
handcrafted these handy-dandy little cubbies for her junk drawer!
hosted a junk drawer party last year and 182 people linked up their junk drawers! Check them out for TONS of great organizing ideas!
featured LOTS of great organized ideas!
Organized Drawers
this drawer makes me VERY HAPPY!
Last year, I held an on-going Operation Organization party HERE! Check it out for more ideas!! Also, if you want to link up your junk drawer from last year here at this party, that would be awesome so we can all see it!! :)

Now it's time to see if you've taken the junk drawer challenge?
LINK UP your drawers here!
I will be SO offended if no one links up... *wink!!


Shay said...

I need to organize my drawer now, great ideas!!

Leanne said...

My drawer is from last year, but it still looks the same. I love organized drawers.

Andrea @ Decorating Cents said...

That is one project I have not done yet.

patti west said...

True story. On Monday I was looking for an old stencil brush that I thought was in the junk drawer in the kitchen. In the process, I took the crap out of the drawer and was absolutely amazed that so much stuff was inside one drawer!! I took a pic. This challenge is just what I need to get down to business. Thanks!

Crafty Cousins said...

Ugh. The junk drawer. Mine needs serious help. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas! :)


Natalie said...

Love it! I'm gonna do it! And I'm gonna use the bottom of boxes like you did! I think I might ModPodge some paper on them so I love them more... hmmm. Not sure! Love the ideas! Thanks, Mav!