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Made By Me Monday
{pinterest inspired}
You may have noticed THIS sign on my sidebar this week. I found it on pinterest the other day and haven't stopped thinking about it since! I decided for my New Years goal this year, I'm going to pin something from pinterest, add to my sidebar under the label "pinterest pick" and make it for the next Made by Me Monday. This will keep me motivated to keep on craftin' :)
Well, I LOVE SONIC. I needed this sign in my home and couldn't wait to get it done! So, here's how it all went down. I was at Goodwill the other day and found this beautiful sign for a whoppin' $1.50! It has great edges on it, almost like a canvas.
I was a little sad to paint over such a great vintage sign (not really!!) I went to town on it! I didn't even have to sand the top, I just started painting.
It took about 6 light coats of white spray to make it look like nothing was ever even on this sign.
Next, I cut my vinyl lettering. In the sign on pinterest, she used a turquoise color of vinyl. But I want to keep this in my house all the time, so I went with a color that matches my home a little better.
I distressed my board a little and added a bit of glaze/stain, then while that was drying I made some cute lil' pennants to hang across the top.
These are super EASY to make. Just pick some of your favorite material and cut triangles. I actually just stapled them to a part of twine, hot glue would have been better but I was too lazy to plug it in. HAHA!
My sign is complete and I LOVE it!!
 Do you want to know what I love more than this sign?

Sonic drinks, of course! It's a MUST-HAVE when crafting, in the car, working on the computer, cutting vinyl, or breathing!
route 44.
half Dr. Pepper/half Coke.
extra ice.
Happy Monday!
Do you want to order the vinyl lettering to make your own Sonic sign? Email me at sassy.sites@hotmail.com for prices. I would be happy to cut any size or any color for you!


Justine said...

Love the sign! i have it pinned too. I want red incorporated on mine!

Krystal Van Kampen said...

What a great idea! One pinspiration per week!

Dorothy said...

Love this!!! I had spotted that pin last week, too!

A Mother and A Daughter said...

Gotta have the extra ice! The project turned out great! ~ Barbara

Nicole said...

Super cute!!!

Shannon said...

Love it!

Lolly Jane said...

bah ha hah!! I love that sign from Pinterest too! Yours is awesome. Dr P is a must for breathing...agree!! Great post girl!!

Shay said...

You know it!! It is like we are sisters!!!! love it!!

Netties Expressions said...

Love this! You did a great job, it's sooo cute!

Janel@hatingmartha said...

Oh ha! My H would love this! You rock!

Michelle said...

Very cute!! I will have to try one of those sometimes but I don't think we have a Sonic in our area. lol Found you on Sumo's Sweet Stuff, hope you have a great week!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I know lots of homes around here that could use this sign! How awesome!

Kristi said...

So Cute and SO TRUE! Love it :)