More 4th!

I can't get enough of this!
I just love the decor for this season!
Let's kick it off with this:
Pottery Barn Knockoff flag!
Moody Girl does a fantastic job at recreating it!
Go to her site for a tutorial.
THIS flag is made by Second Street using doilies!

This is adorable! I found it HERE at Curly Q Crafts

What a cute way to use styrofoam and bandanas, HERE at Naptime Journal.
I found THIS over at Everyday Craft Endeavor

is an easy way to display some
Red, White, and Blue around your house!

THIS is a simple way to add some cuteness to the table!

Something to get the kids excited about the 4th is THIS.
From Under The Table and Dreaming.

...and last, but not least

THIS baby is too cute!


Kirsten said...

Thanks for featuring the crafting chicks! Your site is darling :) I love the picture of President Monson as well, he's so sweet!

Jen said...

This is Jen from Crafting Chicks. Thanks so much for featuring us and my little Lily Pearl!!! Love your site!:)

Mandy said...

Thanks for the feature! Love the other projects you picked, too! You have a really fun blog :)

Devin and Brooke said...

Thank you so much for featuring me !!! Love your blog!

Brooke @ Curly Q