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Book Buckle:
holds 2 or more books together
for under $1.00 and made in less than 1 minute!
seriously. the. easiest. project. ever. :)

The Young Women of our church have an amazing
program called Personal Progress. This program is specifically for
the 12-18 year old women of the church and helps them to
Come Unto Christ. The Personal Progress book contains
value experiences and projects to help her gain a
stronger testimony of the Savior.
So, with that being said. The Personal Progress Program contains 4 books.

-The Personal Progress Book
-A Personal Progress Journal
-For The Strength of Youth Booklet
-True to the Faith Book

The girls are encouraged to bring all 4 books with them to church and activities. Most of the time, the girls would come and say that one or two of their books is missing. So, I came up with a plan! For an activity one night, we made cute book buckles to help keep all four books together!

SUPPLIES NEEDED:ribbon, Velcro dots, buttons, hot glue

Pick your ribbon and your button.

Stick your Velcro dots on and hot glue your button on.

Viola! EASY! All 4 books together in one!

and of course you have millions of ribbon and button choices...

They loved this activity! It was easy to do and affordable to make!

Now... go and make a Book Buckle! :)


Leanne said...

So cute and easy! I'm definitely making some. Have a great week!

Mom2fur said...

Oh, wow, how clever! I'm always looking for something to do with my surfeit of buttons and ribbons! I think this would also make a cute book mark!

HILLARY said...

Really cute idea!

Amber said...

Super cute idea, good way to keep a book safe in the bag too!

Jumping Jack said...

What a great idea! I can't wait to read more from your blog... but right now it's back to work! HA!

Thanks for stopping my Jumping Jack!

Brittany said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

This is such a cute idea! And its so easy! :)

Nancy said...

Darling idea! Love it, and will plan to make some.

Thanks for your sweet comments and visit. I'm following your cute blog too!


Daisha said...

This is so cute. I'm going to pass this idea on to the Young Women's leaders in our ward!

Thanks for coming by and being a new follower. I love when people introduce themselves!

Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

Super cute blog you've got here! Love it and I'm glad you enjoyed mine. Thanks for following. I'm following you too! Yeah! I love new creative blogs to keep an eye on!

Lori said...

Great idea. I like you highlighting other blogs, too.

Thanks for visiting my blog, as well.

Lori T @ http://www.thetowells.com

Donene said...

I'm thinking we will have to do this for an activity! so, so cute! Thanks for your nice comments. I am a follower now, too!! Of course of your blog! Love it!

More Than A Mom said...

I LOVE the book buckle idea. Thanks for sharing!

The Clip Cafe said...

What a nifty idea!!

Stacie said...

Really cute idea!!!

Sarah said...

this is a great idea!!!

AUDRA said...

What a fun idea!
Thanks for linking up last week at Socialize with Me Monday til Sunday!
Can't wait to see more from you! :)