FREE Pumpkins!

Let the Punkin' Pickin' begin!

(this is me being... me!)

Here are some GREAT and EASY ways to make
cute pumpkins this fall...
(here's the catch)
using items ONLY
that you have around the house!

Posh Little made her pumpkin using just a paper sack.


The Artful Crafter made this pumpkin out of... can you guess?

a dryer vent!

Craft Ideas made this pumpkin out of an old recycled glass jar.


Tiger and Lily Boutique made this pumpkin using a terracotta pot


Wild Whitmer Words thought of using old pot lids to make these adorable pumpkins!
Family Crafts thought of using a tin can to make her pumpkin.

Make cute pumpkins out of old recycled baby jars!


Kaboose showed us how to make a curled paper pumpkin craft!

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!
Future Feature: CLOCKS please email me your clock creations at
choosethewriting {@} hotmail.com


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

such a cute collection!

Shay said...

Thanks for featuring me. You are the best!

Sandy Ang said...

Such fun ideas for Halloween !

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Oh how fun! I love all the pumpkins :) Thanks for sharing some great ideas!!

Meg said...

Awesome! I'm bookmarking this...fun things to try with the kids this Halloween! Thanks for sharing!

Alison said...

ADORABLE ideas!! THanks for the list!!

The K Family said...

OK, I have been a follower for like a week now and I have FINALLY been able to leave you a darn comment...at least I hope this one works. I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE your blog. So many neat ideas and TOTALLY my style. :)


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Very cute ideas. I'm getting in the pumpkin shopping mood for sure.

shannon i olson said...

oh I love pumpkins! Cute ideas, I like the paper sack one! I am waiting for the pumpkins to burst onto the scene!