Sunday Spotlight

I love this lady! I have been following her for quite some time now, and I am never disappointed by the things that she shares with us! Let me first start by introducing her...

this is Mandy, from Sugar Bee!

...and these are her adorable children!

... and this is their playroom! (lucky kids!)

Mandy takes us through her kids playroom and even gives
 a step by step tutorial on everything she's created here! I am SO jealous!

I love the contrast between the stripes and the polka dots for these adorable

The shutters and flower box make me smile!

These floor cushions are too CUTE!

Her playroom tree was made out of just fabric and paint!

What a fun and easy way to personalize a space with these handprints.

This playroom homemade welcome mat is darling!

Mandy even made a matching playroom apron for her girls to wear!
Thanks Mandy for letting us into your home and into your kid's playroom! I love everything you've done! I mostly love how everything matches and I adore the polka dots!!

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Okay, I had to just post one more picture of this cute kid!


Elizabeth said...

Ok, that playroom is TOO CUTE! I want one :) I love that tree too...how creative is that?

Mandy said...

Thanks for the great shout-out - made my morning!

Jill said...

Those colors rock! I now have to make myself a note because I think I have scrapbook paper kinda like that minus the orange, guess I know what I'll be pairing it with now!!

Tasha said...

That playroom is FABULOUS. Thanks for introducing her...I hadnot seen her blog yet. I am off to check it out.