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Believe Pennant

Welcome to
Made By Me Monday!

Supplies Needed:
  •  scrapbook paper
  • card stock or cardboard
  • ribbon
  • ric rac
  • ball fringe
  • fur
  • lace
  • embellishments
  • (buttons, bells, bling)
  • hot glue gun
  • glue stick
  • distress ink pad
  • wire
  • chipboard or vinyl letters

 cut your pennants (I used 1 sheet of scrapbook paper and 1 sheet of cardstock per pennant)
my triangles are 8.5" from side to side and 11" top to bottom
glue the scrapbook paper to the card stock.

 add your ribbon/ball fringe/ric rac/fur to the top of your pennant.
 I hot glued the ribbon on the back of the pennant.

add lace to the top.

add embellishments ribbon, stickers, clipart, bling, etc.
distress the edges with an ink pad

 cut 2 circles different sizes, out of leftover scrapbook paper
 glue the big circle to the back of the pennant at the point

 hot glue a piece of fur into a circle
glue the smaller circle on top
add a bling to the center! :)

 punch a small hole in each adge of banner.
put your wire through and then
 twist ends of wire 

add ribbon onto the wire
add your vinyl letters

border each letter with white cardstock.
add a little bling to each corner.


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Kenli said...

absolutely LOVE!

Shay said...

So cute!

Kelli W said...

Very cute!

Unknown said...

Love this!

Jamie Wobbles said...

LOOOVE IT! :) and I'm now a follower :)

Sandy Ang said...

Such a great project !

Jen @ EmbellishingLifeEveryday said...

Love it! You know I love working with scrapbook paper, so this is sooo my style!