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transitioning... PART 2

The turkey leftovers are gone, the relatives have all gone home...

(I decided to share MY answers with you. You made it look so fun!)

-How do you transition yourself from one holiday to the next?
 I try to just enjoy EACH holiday as they come. Although, that's very hard sometimes! I find myself looking forward to Christmas before Halloween is even over.

-When do you put up your Christmas decorations?
Usually, the day after Thanksgiving we start putting Christmas decor up. This year, the Christmas boxes haven't even made it out of the attic yet... ugh!

-Do you wrap all the presents throughout the month and put them under the tree, or do you wait until Christmas Eve?
Every other year, I have wrapped as I've bought. I have learned though, that my kids usually end up figuring out what they are getting. So, this year I am changing things up a little. I won't put anything out until Christmas Eve! :)

-Do you warn your kids that Santa might NOT be bringing them what they want for Christmas this year?
YES!! This year, especially! As my son gets older, his list gets more expensive!

-Do you decorate your Christmas tree with colored lights or just white?
WHITE!! :) My husband and I have an agreement that we switch every other year which lights go on the house outside. He loves colored, I love white. The tree though, always white!

-Have your children watched all the old Christmas movies that you watched when you were little?
My MIL just gave all of her grandkids the old Christmas movie complete set. My little guy hasn't wanted to watch anything besides those! I am loving it!

-Do you let your children open a gift on Christmas Eve?
One gift on Christmas Eve gets opened... new jammies! :)

-Does everyone have the same stocking each year, or do you purchase new ones every Christmas?
I am guilty of buying new stockings every year. It seems as though the style is always changing, and I'm always trying to keep up! haha!

-Does your Christmas tree have a different theme each year?
My sister's tree has a new theme every year. I must say that I am a little envious of her. We don't necessarily have a different theme EACH year, but it does have a theme... shabby chic!

-Artificial tree or real?
We've done real one year... never again! It smelled good, yes. But the mess was so not worth it! Real trees are prettier, though I must admit!

 I would love to hear your answers!


DanielleisNesting said...

Over the last few years it always seems like Thanksgiving is more of a pit stop to Christmas than anything. I'm guilty of it this year.

Beth Adams said...

Transition stage from Thanksgiving to Yule - I take a break & the Hubby eats leftovers while I get my breath.

Yule decorations don't go up until after the 1st of December & then in stages.

Once the gifts get wrapped they go under the tree except for the Hubby's cause he is worse then the kids ever were.

I still warn the kids that Santa won't bring them anything if they are not good & they are now 27,28 & 32 yrs old!

Colored lights for my tree.

We are all Christmas movied
out unless the 1934 version of Babes in Toyland comes on.

If I let the Hubby open one gift he wants all of them.

Same stockings every year.

Tree theme varies. I have a few I alternate.

Fake tree cause I am allergic to real pine.


Natalie said...

I don't have any great ideas, but I'm always willing to share (sometimes, over-share, right? ha!)

1. I just dive in to the next holiday. I need to get diving soon.
2. I try to wait to put them up until after Thanksgiving - out of respect.
3. I've started wrapping them earlier because I was up until 3am one Christmas Eve trying to get it all done. The hubbster slept through it and was up at 6 and waking everyone up. I was ready to murder.
4. I warn - but of course never follow through. shame on me.
5. I have white lights, but I think colored lights are underestimated and under used. I want to have more colored lights around the house - so we use a lot of them to decorate the outside.
6. I do make them watch the movies I loved. Netflix has a big cartoon collection of Christmas shows I love available online, so we've watched that a few times on the Wii. ;)
7. We don't open a gift because it's Shawn's birthday - but ordinarily, I would have carried on that tradition.
8. We have the same stockings each year now that I've purchased them. Shawn and I have matching ones, and the kids have matching ones. I'm going to monogram them someday... which is why the baby's name couldn't start with an "S" or an "L". i know... i'm crazy.
9. Usually, I have the same tree, but this year, I've bought all new ornaments for my tree. I'M SO EXCITED TO USE THEM!
10. I loved having a real tree last year, but I don't think we'll ever do that again. It was fun and it smelled great - but getting rid of it, watering it, stringing the lights on it (which took away from having more lights on the house), and having three trees up and decorated was a lot of work.

How fun this little quiz was! It was almost like a tag! :D Can't wait for us all to get together again!

Natalie said...
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Natalie said...

I deleted the second comment because it was a repeat. Don't know why it did it twice. Sorry! :)

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

Hey Marni,
I blogged my answers and here is the link:

Great Questions! Some of them really had me thinking. What a great way to start this season:)

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

I feel a little bad for basically calling you crazy:) Ha ha ha! New stockings every year? ;)

I'm glad that you answered your own questions...I feel like I know you a little better now:)