$50 Vinyl Lettering WINNER!

Oh My Goodness!!!
With all the craziness of organizing
and ringin' in the new year...
I forgot to choose the
giveaway winner!
(that just goes to show you how "organized" I am! )
3 days late...
the winner is
(I guess it paid off entering late!)
Cheryl from

Congrats Cheryl!!
And for those of you how didn't win,
you can contact Marni at
 Choose The Writing
for all your vinyl orders!
She's great.
You'll love her!

HOW do you save the little Random.Org vote
box results, so I can put the picture onto my blog?


Stuff by Ash said...

I have never really used random.org, so I am no expert. But I was thinking you could take a screen shot, or print screen, and then crop out what you don't want in word or if you have something fancier, then save it. Don't know if that's the real way, but it's an idea!

Sassy Sites! said...

how do you take a screen shot? :)

Andi @ Potential Treasures said...

you can use the snipping tool in the accessories on your computer. that's how I did mine. how this helps!