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Speaking of organizing...

This is a perfect idea for organizing your weekly dinner menu! I have already posted this, but it was a LONG time ago, and I decided that since we are already talking about organization, I might as well post it again! :)

4 pieces of scrapbook paper
glue stick
lots of recipes
a printer

I glued my two pieces of 12x12 solid colored scrapbook paper together on the sides. I cut 5 pockets from polka dot paper and glued those onto the black (just the sides, to make sure my recipes would fit into the pockets). I printed off tons of EASY recipes that I knew my family would love!  I printed off the days of the week and glued those to the pockets. I added to extra pockets to the top of the menu for extra recipes. I added "Weekly Menu" to the top. I also added a staple to the pockets, so my recipe cards wouldn't fall down to the bottom of the pockets.
That's it! Super easy to do!!

Total Time Spent: 30 minutes
Total Money Spent: $2.00

My sister and I are talking about getting together every Monday to make meals for the week. We will prepare everything, then freeze them in metal throw away pans. Then, we can just pull them out and throw them into the oven! I'm pretty excited about this!

Do you have a Plan Of Action for cooking for your family?


Shay said...

YES YES YES!!! This is going to be great!

Jennifer said...

oooh this is fab! What a great idea! Right now it's just me and my husband but once kids enter the equation -- this little guy is going on my wall!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Jacqueline said...

I want to try the freezing thing but I have a weird problem... When I see raw meat... especially a bunch of it makes me feel ill. I guess everything a cook in Large amounts to freeze will have to be all Veggie.

The SPANGLER said...

Hi there! Just thought I'd say I ♥ your blog - just beautiful (am off to follow you now)... and I was a big fan of those metal throw away pans and cooking/freezing meals when I was a shift worker. I am now a SAHM and this made me think I should get back to doing more freezing - I seem busier than I ever was as a worker!
Come check out my blog if you get a chance
The Quick Unpick

Amanda @ Ramblings of an Empty Mind said...

Ohhh, I love it! I think you have just given me an idea of what to do with the pre-glued library pockets I have a ton of!

Emily @ LaForce Be With You said...

How cute and organized! I am trying to fix one new recipe that hubby and I haven't tried before at least every other week. I have tons of cookbooks and recipes that need to be tried!

Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

I love this! It's so fun and looks like it makes menu planning more enjoyable. Thanks for posting.

Happy New Year!


Swainston Vinyl & Dezign said...

This is SUCH a GREAT idea! It may be one that actually works for my family! I can write it out on paper but I lose it or forget about it. Thanks for sharing!

Jill said...

My life has started getting a lot busier now that I'm working full time and I think the slow cooker I bought for my mom will come in handy with the two of us working! I'm also going to try to make as many freezer meals as possible! I'd love for you to share your family's favorites when you start doing this!

Ⓢⓗⓔⓛⓐⓨⓝⓐ said...

Love this idea! How cute!!


Tina said...

LOVE your site, and LOVE freezer cooking! As a busy stay at home mom, while I love to cook, I also love having a stash in my freezer for when I don't want to. Before you go out and buy the toss away foil pans however, I have a suggestion- Glad Ovenware!!! You can put whatever you want inside, then freeze it (comes with a snap on lid-it's like tupperware), defrost in it, AND it can go in the oven and/or microwave! AND, it's reusable!!!!!! Here's a link-I always find mine at Walmart
http://www.glad.com/containers/ovenware.php Post recipes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea - and I like the cost too!!

Amanda said...

love this idea. i can never get myself together to meal plan. good thinng i read this post or i'd be standing at the fridge at 5 looking for something for dinner.

craftedbymama said...

I love this idea...I have been writing my menu on my grocery list, then I can't find my list and now I can't remember why I bought such ingredients. I WILL be trying this.


Crystal said...

How adorable! I love this!

I am in the mist of sharing meal planning ideas with my readers. Check it out if you get a minute.

How to Develop a Recipe Criteria:

20 Places to Find Recipes:

Free Grocery List Downloads:

12 Ways to Display Your Menu:

Organize with Sandy said...

Just found your site from House on Ashwell Lane.
I would love for you to link up to my Organizing Mission Monday link party.
I"m going to check out your site... and I'll link up your link parties to my link party list.
Hope to see you there!!

Jana said...

Super cute! I try to plan a menu and fail every time.

Would love for you to come link up!

Tiffany said...

So stinkin' cute I can't stand it!!! I may be the easy dinner ideas woman - but I'm hopelessly helplessly unorganized!!!

I really am going to make this and do it. I think it'll help me make a good thing better.

Thanks by the way for featuring my site back in June - I totally missed it then, but caught it this time :)

meagn @ homemade ginger said...

Super cute! I featured you on my blog today! I'm also your newest follower.

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love!

On my to do list is to organize my recipes and get them all in the same format - this idea is perfect!! This way the recipe will be so handy.


Judy said...

Great idea. I never seem to have a plan and am always coming up with something at the last moment. I linked over from Sumo's sweet stuff. Come check out my blog if you get a chance.

Nike@ChooseToThrive said...

LOVE this idea! Need to get this put together ... um ... NOW. Love it!

Emily said...

Very cute! I'm working on making a regular base of meals the majority of the family will be happy with. Clever idea, thanks!

Sasha said...

Love this! Hope you'll stop by the ~The Life of Me~ and link up to Creation Mondays for a chance to win a free prize!

Toni said...

Love this. Thanks for linking up!

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